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WHY Dmitry Kozhoma became popular

Why Dmitry Kozhoma became popular

It all began in 2002 when Dmitry Kozhoma became the organizer of the team of KVN at the Pedagogical Institute.

Ever since he started his path to fame, which he takes with Dmitry benevolent smile.

Carier start

Dmitry Kozhoma born on February 18, 1981 inMoscow. Prior to his student years, he is no different from an ordinary young man at the time. Except for the fact that teachers and friends described him as a person is very responsive, kind and very open and ready to communicate.
After high school, Dmitry had to chooseuniversity, which will have to learn. The choice was made almost unthinkingly - Moscow State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Physical Education.

Diploma Dmitry practically useful, is that it continues to enjoy playing football and sometimes acts as a judge in the youth friendly matches.

It was at the Institute Dmitry met with the firstmembers of the well-known command "Station Sport". Having received the consent of the rector of the Moscow State Pedagogical University to create a team "Station Sports" began its march.
Already in 2005, the team became the vice-championEuroleague, a year later won first place in the Premier League. In 2007, "The station Sport" is becoming Ukrainian Higher League champion and does not calm down on this, there is still unconquered peaks.
The next four years the team actively stormsKVN Higher League in Moscow. However, the most that won the team - this is the second place in the final in 2011, losing to the team "SOK" from Samara. This OIO school is over for the children. All these years, Dmitri was the frontman and team captain.


After the game the team went onlong tour, after which each of the participants engaged in their work. Besides, Dmitry, who did not go to the fields of comedy character and continued to engage in humor.

His personal life Dmitri can not stand to see. One can only say that he had a steady girlfriend, and no wedding is not planned.

Esters KVN on Channel made of the artistTeam-known personality, his demeanor on the stage came a lot of taste - rustic clumsy man of impressive dimensions with a great sense of humor. Plus - an open friendship with the fans of the team and their fans. Not for nothing in the youth time it was called the soul of the company.
Of the projects that participated Dmitry, you canselect "Laughter in the City" (party), "Do not roll bags" (master) and the show "Tower" (participant). Besides, now Dmitry takes an active part in the filming of Comedy club, is the author of several projects, as well as works by the master.

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