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Why Dmitry Kozhoma became popular


Why Dmitry Kozhoma became popular</a>

It all began in 2002, when Dmitry Kozhoma became the organizer of the KVN team at the Pedagogical Institute.

Since that time, his way to fame began, which Dmitry himself accepts with a benevolent smile.

Carier start

Dmitry Kozhoma was born on February 18, 1981 in theMoscow. Until his student years, he did not differ from the usual young man of that time. Except for the fact that teachers and friends speak of him as a person who is very sympathetic, kind and very open, ready for communication.
After graduation, Dmitry had to chooseHigh school, which will have to learn. The choice was made almost rashly - Moscow Pedagogical State University, Faculty of Physical Education.

Diploma Dmitry almost useless, except that he continues to play football with pleasure and sometimes serves as a judge in friendly youth matches.

It was at the institute that Dmitri met the firstParticipants of the famous team "Sport Station". Having received the consent of the rector for the creation of the MPGU team, the "Sportivnaya Station" began its march.
Already in 2005 the team became vice-championEuroleague, after a year, won first place in the Premier League. In 2007, "Station Sportivnaya" becomes the champion of the Higher Ukrainian League and does not rest on it, because there are still unconquered peaks.
The next four years the team is actively assaultingThe Higher League of KVN in Moscow. However, at most, what was awarded to the team - this is the second place in the final of 2011, losing to the team "SOK" from Samara. At this school KVN ended for the guys. All these years Dmitri was the frontman and captain of the team.


After the games the team went toLong tour, after which each of the participants took up their own business. In addition to Dmitry, who did not leave the field of comedy characters and continued to engage in humor.

Dmitry does not take his private life to the public. One can only say that he has no constant girlfriend and the wedding is not yet scheduled.

KVN Ethers on the First Channel were made from an artistCommands a well-known personality, his behavior on the stage fell to many people's liking - a rustic awkward guy of impressive dimensions with a great sense of humor. Plus to all - an open friendship with the fans of the team and their fans. Not for nothing at a young age he was called the soul of the company.
Of the projects in which Dmitry participated, you canHighlight "Laughter in a big city" (participant), "Do not roll the bags" (the presenter) and the show "Vyshka" (participant). In addition, now Dmitry actively takes part in the shooting of Comedy club, is the author of several projects, and also works as a presenter.

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