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WHY disappeared many old religions

The family of Old Believers from Primorye

Even in ancient times people are aware that humanity is vulnerable before the raging elements of nature. This led them to seek protection from higher powers.

Later on in the world have proliferated three basic teachings about God - Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

Disappearing last religion mainly because they go into oblivion adherents, and the new generation is looking for the truth in other ideas.

How many religions existed on earth for allthe history of mankind, it is impossible to say, most of them are lost, some transformed into a recognized denomination, and some now considered nothing more than ideological position or a cult.


Major religions include endangeredthe teachings of the Old Believers and Drevlyane. Information about the last tribes end in chronicles dated 1136 Drevlyans consisted of East Slavic inhabitants and covers an area of ​​the right bank of Ukraine. The reliability of the existence of religious adherents Drevlyane confirmed by archaeological excavations. In this area it was found at home, more like dugouts, sacred place of action. Bury their dead in drevlyans beskurgannyh graves, corpses were burned and slain or blissful buried in the woods, as a rule, in the roots of a large tree. Stack grave weapon was not adopted, which means nevoinstvennosti tribe.

Drevlyans had special religious rites, based on the belief in many gods and the natural beginning of all things.

Disappear religions such as Drevlyansky,possibly due to the underdeveloped people-carrier or, on the contrary, due to the rapid development of consciousness. In the case of the most experienced process Drevlyane planting other beliefs, it is well known that the Princess Olga, after her husband's death has sent troops to the village Drevlyane, enslaved people. Drevlyans simply lost their culture and faith, assimilated with Rusichi and adopting their religious beliefs.

The Old Believers

In our time, there is still room endangered teachings, andtoday we can observe how the dying religion. One example - the Old Believers. This is one of the branches generated by Orthodoxy. From the basic teachings of the religion of the Old Believers separated ceremonies, slightly different from the canon of the modern church. We can say that staroverchestvo deliberately exterminated: the split in the bosom of the church took place in 1650? 1660. Innovations Nikon and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich were not favorably received by all the faithful. He who has the support Nikon introduced new rites, proclaimed the tradition, while disagreeing with him were supporters of the old faith outcasts.

Until 1905 the Old Believers considered schismatic and strongly condemned by the.

In 1971 he conducted the Council adopted a decision onmitigation of the severity of the relationship to the followers of the old rites. The charges, which were previously assigned to them, have been removed. If up to this point it was thought that the religion could not lead to the salvation of souls, then this statement is now canceled.
Often bloody struggle for the purity of faithover for their expulsion, the Old Believers have decided to get away from the people to where they can keep the "true faith", that is why Old Believer villages today are far from population centers, are closed and residents rarely communicate with the "world", rejecting humanitarian and even medical care.
There are many different opinions about why disappearreligion. One of them says that with the advent of universal education and eradicating illiteracy people had an opportunity to reread the sources of doctrine, such as the Bible, to study the physical properties of the world and find a rational explanation for what had previously been considered a miracle.

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