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WHY die budgies

Why die budgies

Wavy parrots in captivity live an average of about 15 years.

But sometimes it happens that the bird dies much earlier.

Some causes of premature death of a parrot can be prevented, and extend the life of your pet.

Causes of death wavy parrot

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The most common cause of death amongbudgies - poisoning. Birds can be poisoned poor quality food or something to eat at the free movement around the room. Deadly parrot could be eating salt, medicines, some houseplants. Some parrots peck paint that contains heavy metals. This also leads to the poisoning. The bird can be poisoned by spraying near the window cleaners, air fresheners, liquid cells, hair spray and other aerosols. Living in steel cages with zinc coating, parrots getting metal poisoning because collect his beak and swallow the particles. For parrots deadly is eating fungi that may be present in the feed if not properly stored, walnuts and hazelnuts.
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The parrot may die or be injured. Flying around the apartment, he can get in between the doors, get burned, hit the glass, fall behind the cupboard and trying to free himself, to himself to break. Birds can die from electricity, since easily wire bites.
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Parrot - a very sensitive animal weakheart, so it can even die from the stress and severe fright. At least at first, it is desirable to protect the pet from such adverse factors as: loud cries, bright beam of light in the darkness, or the roar of a barking dog, cat throw on the cell.
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The female budgerigar may die dueviolation of the rules of breeding. Often, when first laying the egg may become stuck and put pressure on the internal organs of birds. If time does not refer to a specialist, the female dies.
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Parrots, like other animals, are subject tovarious diseases. It may be a genetic disease caused by a bad heredity. Parrots suffer from infectious diseases, they are worms, sometimes appear tumors. These and other diseases, especially if not detected in time, can not be treated. Sometimes the disease is too advanced and the animal suffers. In this case, you should decide whether to condemn the bird to further suffering.

How to save the parrot from premature death?

Buying chick budgerigar, ask what should be the correct diet its power. Carefully choose the food - is the foundation of your pet's health. Do not feed the parrot off the table.
Choose a large cage of a suitable material. Do not keep the cage in a draft, so as not to chill the parrot.
Maximum secure the apartment. Remove anything that could hurt the parrot, or cause poisoning.

Carefully observe the pet. Any change in his behavior may be indicative of disease. The sooner you see your doctor, the better the chances of a favorable outcome.

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