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WHY cucumbers taste bitter?

Why cucumbers taste bitter?

Cucumber is one of the most common vegetable crops at the gardeners. Growing tasty, fragrant fruit associated with great difficulty.

It so happens, we break a cucumber, he and beautiful, and attractive shape, and taste bitter, unpleasant.

For good reason.

As part of the cucumber has an interesting-kukurbitatsin substance. That amount of the substance in different varieties of cucumber causes bitterness. This bitterness is always present in grades. In modern hybrids is almost no bitterness. Selection cucumber far stepped forward. Today, the sale of a great variety of hybrid varieties that have no bitterness. Breeders have learned to "retrieve" it. Is it good? For consumers, yes. For plants not. The fact that the bitterness and spider mite damage to the cucumber plants interconnected. The less bitterness in plants -more be pests on the leaves.

It remains one -predostavte your plants suitable growing conditions.

What I like the cucumber? Cucumbers -nezhenki. They need a lot of sun and moisture.

Cold, heavy, acidic soil is not for them.

Cucumber avoid landing in the shaded areas.

Make organics.

Not thickening landings.

In hot dry weather watering provide not only beds, but the tracks.

Do not water with cold water.

The bitterness in the fruit appears when there is a stressful situation,

The cold, dried up much ground, low, and sometimes,Conversely, too high a temperature in dry sunny weather lead to the fact that the development of the fruit is delayed. And instead of 8 to 12 days needed for the growth of the fruit of the ovary, since the pollination takes longer. These fruits will be bitter

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