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WHY on cucumbers many barren flowers

Why cucumbers are many barren flowers

Between the fruiting on cucumber plants, sometimes a lot of male flowers. Instead of collecting young tasty cucumbers have to admire the barren flowers.

Time is running out, the yield decreases.

Cucumbers are always tied to the female flowersafter pollination. This biological feature of cucumber plants. Most women are not growing flowers on the main stem and on lateral shoots. The main causes that contribute to the formation of a large number of barren flowers, the following:

  • Sowing fresh seeds (the crop of the previous year). Seeds of varieties should be used at least 2-3 hletny ago, warmed prior to planting.
  • Dense planting. Plants begin to push each other to fight for the area of ​​power and light. Develops the main stem, where the male flowers are formed.
  • Planting cucumbers even in a slightly shaded areas - causing outrage plants. Cucumber - a great lover of the light, the sun. Place the plants so that they are covered from all sides.
  • The sharp fall of temperature, watering with cold water, ie stress.
  • Manual removal of male flowers. Without these colors do not zavyazhutsya fruit on the female flowers.

For the appearance of a larger number of female flowersto do pinched the main stem of the 4-5 leaf. After pinching cucumbers suspend growth and start to grow side shoots, which will form the main crop. Cucumber plants with short lashes in open ground do not have to pinch. They themselves are well branched and form a lot of female flowers.

Short-term soil under the plants podsushka(Short break irrigation) also causes stress, which can be used for the formation of ovaries - female flowers. If plants begin to slightly podvyadat, it is a signal that they need to be watered.

In warm weather, watering is best done in the evening, the sun warmed the water. Then feed, pour fertile land. This will be a good incentive for the supply of the ovaries - cucumbers.

Common charges are forcing young fruit plantsproduce more female flowers. And cucumbers overgrown intercept a lot of nutrients, so necessary for young ovaries. Plants grow old prematurely.

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