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WHY cucumber curl

Why cucumber curl

Every gardener has ever faced with the fact that cucumbers grow irregularly shaped.

This problem - it's not just an aesthetic drawback of vegetables like cucumbers difficult to handle and store.

The causes curvature of the fruit may be several.

The most common and the main reason why cucumbersgrow crooked, it is an imbalance in soil nutrients. Changing the shape of vegetables usually occurs from a lack of potassium. Many gardeners take care of quite carefully cucumbers, time of watering, aerate, make the soil nutrients, etc., but not knowing what exactly you need to feed the plants -.. The main reason for the curvature of the fruit.

It is worth remembering that the exclusive usenitrogen application significantly increases the growth of cucumbers, however, if the substance in the soil a surplus, but still in the bargain it does not have enough potassium, it is a direct way to get sloppy vegetables.

If the dressing used sparingly,balance them, then most likely you will avoid problems with the shape of the crop, but all will be reduced to "no" if at the time of ripening cucumbers in colder region. The fact that the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees potassium ceases almost completely absorbed into the root system. If the region is quite warm and the crop grows crooked, then fertilize the plants potassium sulfate or wood ashes: these feeding will prevent twisting of the remaining fruit.

All of the above - it is not the only reason,Why grow cucumbers curved, for example, they can be bent due to the fact that a number of growing different varieties (pcheloopyljaemogo and parthenocarpic), and also because of the irregular and inadequate irrigation, lack of daylight and so on. d.

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