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WHY creaks the floor and how to avoid it?


Why creaks of parquet and how to avoid it</a>

Parquet is a popular floor covering, which many give their preference when planning repairs.

It is an environmentally friendly material with a beautiful appearance, but sometimes the parquet starts to creak.

Why is this happening?

There are several reasons that explain the creak of a parquet floor. Most often, they are associated with installation errors:
1) The base of the floor is not flat enough. In this case, at the stage of preparatory work, the floor leveling was performed poorly, which led to deformation of the parquet, its mobility and squeaking. Often the parquet starts to creak because of the lack of a layer of fiberboard or plywood between the floor and the lag. Even if there is an intermediate base, it may not fit snugly to the base, which provokes unpleasant sounds.
2) There are no gaps between the wall and the parquet. When laying parquet often do not take into account the fact that it is slightly expanded. If there is no optimal clearance of 10 mm, the parquet can not be straightened, and begins to creak.
3) Poor lag laying or deformation. Lags with time are shaken due to lack of steam or thermal insulation. The deformation of the log can be caused by too large or very small distances between them, because of this the parquet starts to move, creating unpleasant sounds.
4) If the substrate was not used during the laying of the log, or its thickness was insufficient, the parquet may begin to bend, which again leads to squeaking.
To parquet was pleased with its beautiful appearance and did not disturb the tranquility with annoying sounds, it is necessary to fulfill three conditions even at the stage of preparing the floor and laying the lag.
First, when choosing parquet, you need to givePreference for quality wood of natural varieties. Cherry, maple, beech, teak, ash and oak are stable, durable and durable materials. There are favorites among the exotic species of wood: wenge, olive, platanum, zebrano or brazil nut.
Secondly, when laying parquet should be strictlyTo observe the technology, not making mistakes and observing all the subtleties and nuances. Parquet is an expensive material, it can please many years if the installation is done correctly, therefore installation should be entrusted to professionals, even if this will require additional financial costs.
The optimum temperature regime is another important condition that must be observed so that the parquet does not creak. The humidity should be at a level of 45 to 60%, and the temperature on average + 20C.

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