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WHY creaking parquet and how to avoid it

Why creaking parquet and how to avoid it

Parquet - a popular floor covering, which many give their preference when planning repairs.

This is an environmentally friendly material with beautiful appearance, but sometimes parquet begins to creak.

Why is this happening?

There are several reasons for the creaking parquet floor. More often than not they are related to errors during installation:
1) Ground floor flat enough. In this case, at the stage of preparatory work leveling floor was made of poor quality, resulting in deformation of the flooring, its mobility and creaking. Often, parquet begins to creak due to lack of a layer of fiberboard or plywood between the floor and joists. Even if there is an interim basis, it can not flush against the bottom of that provokes unpleasant sounds.
2) between the wall and the flooring there are no gaps. When laying parquet often do not account for the fact that he is a little extended. If there is an optimal clearance of 10 mm, parquet can not crack, and begins to creak.
3) Poor laying lag or distortion. Laghi become loose over time due to lack of steam or thermal insulation. Deformation of lag may be caused by too large or very small distance between them because of the parquet it begins to move, creating unpleasant noises.
4) If at the stage of laying the lag is not a substrate or its thickness was used was insufficient, parquet may begin to sag, which again leads to creak.
To parquet pleased with its beautiful views and do not disturb the peace of annoying sounds, you need to fulfill three conditions at the stage of preparation of the floor and laying lag.
Firstly, choosing flooring, it is necessary to givepreference for high-quality natural wood varieties. Cherry, maple, beech, teak, oak and ash - a stable, long-lasting and durable materials. There are favorites among exotic wood species: wenge, olive, sycamore, zebrano or Brazil nuts.
Secondly, when laying parquet strictly necessaryto comply with the technology, not making mistakes and keeping all the subtleties and nuances. Parquet - expensive material, it can delight for years to come, if the installation is made correctly, so installation should be entrusted to professionals, even if it would require additional financial costs.
Optimal temperature control - Another important condition is that you need to follow to parquet did not creak. Humidity should be at a level of from 45 to 60%, and the average temperature + 20C.

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