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WHY cows constantly chew

Why do cows chew constantly

Cows in Russia kept for milk and meat, the animals are classified as cloven-hoofed ruminants, but the thing that really cows chew constantly.

It is known that cows chew for a long timefood, so the process of eating can last almost all day. The reason for such a long way to eating grass covered in animal physiology, structure of his stomach.

structure atavisms

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The ancient ancestors of the cows were completely defenseless,because they were not able to run fast or to fight back, because they had no fangs, no claws, no development of the musculoskeletal system. cows first parents were apathetic, and lethargic most of his life conducted lying in the shelter. The only way to survive in this situation has become a kind of evolution of the animal's gastrointestinal system.
The cow has a very unusual stomachwhich consists of 5 departments: the rumen, reticulum, omasum, abomasum and intestine. This allowed the stomach and allows food to be missed, swallow and go, so that predators do not have time to catch. And then, in a safe place - a cow began to chew food.

cow digestion mechanism

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The resulting cow plant foods todayfirst goes into the rumen and is subject to short-lived fermentation process and after it turns on the grid, sliding into herbal chewing gum, and only from there back into the mouth, where it is chewed - long, leisurely. From this and the impression that the cow always something to chew.

Tripe cow is huge, it is able to accommodate up to 120 kilograms of food and keep it up to two days.

Incidentally, no cows upper teeth, andupper gums completely solid. They do not chew, and the food is ground with it. At this stage grinding and grinding takes place the main grassy cud cow chews her for a long time and then swallow, and the food is sent to the "book", and then in the abomasum, where the process of assimilation. Unlike the scar "book" can only absorb small food particles, and its amount does not exceed 10 liters, so the animal is experiencing a slight feeling of hunger, again and again grabbing grass.

This system helps the cows to get the most nutrients out of the grass, which is the basis of their diet.

And what if you do not chew?

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Those who hold a cow at the farm,know that chewing gum animals - a good sign. Suffering from a cow or one who is in a state of stress, simply can not chew food, which means that such an animal and would not give milk.
The failure of the stomach of the animal may becaused by ingestion and sharp metal objects, such as nails or metal fragments. Such cases are very common and often lead to damage and scar formation cessation gum. Without treatment, which is carried out mostly tar, the animal dies from hunger.

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