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WHY the right cheek is constantly numb


Why the right cheek is constantly numb</a>

Numbness of the part of the body can occur for various reasons. This is a long stay in an uncomfortable position, and various diseases of the nervous, musculoskeletal, circulatory system.

For example, because of what regularly the right cheek grows numb?

Only the qualified doctor can diagnose the diagnosis correctly.

Why the right cheek can often fail

Numbness of the right cheek may result fromPinched nerves in the cervical spine. As a rule, pinching is caused by a disease such as osteochondrosis. But this can also occur as a result of trauma or enlargement of the lymph nodes. The most unpleasant option is the development of a tumor.
Numbness of the cheek can also be one of the symptomsA migraine attack. In most cases, along with a severe headache, peripheral vision deterioration, weakness, and diffusion are observed.

Also loss of sensitivity can beA consequence of a micro stroke or one of the signs of developing epilepsy. It can also occur due to hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia. Finally, numbness can only be apparent, due to a mental disorder.
Numbness of cheeks is often accompanied byDifficulty speech, deterioration of coordination of movements, a sense of fear, anxiety. Often the numbness of the cheek extends to the neck and shoulder region. In some cases, the entire right half of the body may even dumb.

What to do if the right cheek is constantly numb

As already mentioned, the reasons whyThere is such an unpleasant phenomenon as numbness, very much. Only a qualified doctor can make a correct diagnosis, so it is necessary to contact a neurologist. If necessary, you need to undergo additional examinations: an electroencephalogram, a magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, an X-ray image of the cervical spine.
Some people try to get rid of numbnessHome remedies, for example by applying a warm water bottle to the numb area or by massaging it. Often they also "independently" prescribe for themselves massage sessions of the cervical region, acupuncture, etc., referring to familiar specialists or to commercial clinics. But it is better not to engage in self-medication, as this can worsen a patient's condition. For example, if the numbness of the cheek is caused by the development of a malignant tumor, massage is strictly contraindicated! Be sure to take the test for sugar, since loss of sensitivity can be associated with diabetes.
If the numbness of the cheeks is associated with migraine, rest, sleep, ventilate the room, drink the painkillers prescribed to you by the treating doctor.

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