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WHY constantly numb right cheek

Why constantly numb right cheek

Numbness in parts of the body can occur due to various reasons. This long stay in an uncomfortable position, and a variety of diseases of the nervous, musculoskeletal, circulatory systems.

For example, because of what regularly numb right cheek?

Put the correct diagnosis can only qualified physician for a survey.

Why the right cheek is often numb

Numbness of the right cheek may resultpinched nerve in the cervical spine. As a rule, jamming caused by diseases such as low back pain. But this can happen as a result of injury or lymphadenopathy. The most unpleasant option - the development of a tumor.
Numbness of cheeks may also be one of the symptomsmigraine attack. In most cases, in this case, along with a severe headache, there is a deterioration of peripheral vision, fatigue, distraction.

Also, loss of sensation can bemicrostroke consequence or one of the signs of developing epilepsy. It can also occur due to hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia. Finally, the numbness may be only apparent, because of a mental disorder.
Numbness of cheeks is often accompanied byspeech difficulties, deterioration of motor coordination, a sense of fear, anxiety. Often cheek numbness spreads to the neck and shoulder girdle. In some cases, it may even numb the entire right half of the body.

What should I do if my right cheek is constantly numb

As already mentioned, the reasons for which cancause this unpleasant phenomenon as numbness, very much. Put the correct diagnosis can only be a qualified doctor, so you need to address to the neurologist. If necessary, you have to pass additional tests: do EEG, magnetic resonance brain imaging, x-ray of the cervical spine.
Some people try to get rid of the numbnesshome remedies, such as applying to numb the area a warm heating pad or massaging it. Often, they also own "prescribed" Statement massage the neck area, acupuncture, etc., referring to the familiar or skilled in commercial clinics. But it is better not to self-medicate, as this may worsen the patient's condition. For example, if the numbness of the cheeks caused by the development of a malignant tumor, massage is absolutely contraindicated! Be sure to get tested for sugar, as the loss of sensitivity may be associated with diabetes.
If numbness of the cheeks associated with migraine, relax, get some sleep, ventilate the room, drink painkillers, assigned to you by the attending physician.

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