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WHY computer itself off

Why did he turn off the computer

Sometimes, while working at the computer begin to occur its sudden shutdown without the user's knowledge.

The reasons for this are varied, ranging from technical problems and ending intrigues virus software.

Technical reasons

Check how well connected tosystem unit cables of different devices, especially the one that provides power to the computer and is connected to an electrical outlet. Perhaps one of them occasionally departs from the nest, which causes a sharp turning off the computer. Also, the cables may be different cracks and wear, and therefore they must be replaced to resume use of your computer.
Make sure that the power supply is located in thethe back of the computer has a working cooling system (does not heat up much, and no noise during operation), and also has sufficient capacity to provide the performance of the computer. If its capacity is small, the trip can take place to protect equipment from failure or lack of nutrition.
Clean the inside of the system unit from thedust and dirt. Pay special attention to the fans. Settles on them dust impairs the cooling of components, which is why they begin to overheat, and the computer turns itself off to prevent their failure. Just wipe with a damp cloth chip various components, as well as check stubs internal fixation system unit.

Software causes

Think about what programs you have installed beforehow the computer started off spontaneously. Perhaps a particular application or a game is too demanding, and the equipment is not enough power for their successful operation. In this situation, there may be a strong processor to overheat, video card and other components because of what happens off.
Remember, if you have changed the settingsoperating system or BIOS. Improper installation of the important parameters can lead to various system errors. Try to beat the system through the appropriate recovery process service application by selecting the point of restoring the last date of the normal operation of a computer or reset the current settings to those that were default.
Run a full system scan for the presence ofviruses and other malicious programs. That viruses cause problems such as sudden restart, hang, or turn off the computer. In the future, be careful when you visit suspicious web sites and downloading unknown programs.

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