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WHY the computer turns itself off


Why does the computer turn itself off </a>

Sometimes when you work at a computer, sudden outages occur without the user's knowledge.

The reasons for this can be very different, starting with technical problems and ending with the intrigues of virus programs.

Technical reasons

Check how well connected to theThe system unit cables of various devices, especially one that provides power to the computer and is connected to an electrical outlet. Perhaps one of them periodically moves away from the socket, which causes a sudden shutdown of the computer. Also on the cables can be various cracks and abrasions, and therefore they must be replaced to resume use of the computer.
Make sure that the power supply located in theBack of the computer, has a working cooling system (it does not heat up very much and does not make noise during operation), and also has enough power to ensure the computer's efficiency. If its power is low, trips may occur to protect the equipment from malfunction or power failure.
Clean the inside of the system unit from theDust and dirt. Pay special attention to the fans. The dust deposited on them worsens the cooling of the components, which causes them to overheat and the computer switches off spontaneously to prevent them from breaking down. With a slightly damp cloth, wipe the microcircuits of various components, and also check the fixing of the internal loops of the system unit.

Software reasons

Think about what programs you installed beforeThe way the computer started to shut down spontaneously. Perhaps this or that application or game is too resource intensive, and the capacity of the equipment is not enough for their successful functioning. In this situation, there may be a strong overheating of the processor, video card and other components, which is why the shutdown occurs.
Remember, did you change the settingsOperating system or BIOS. Incorrect installation of important parameters can lead to various system errors. Try to go through the procedure for restoring the system through the appropriate service application by selecting the last date of normal computer operation for the restore point, or reset the current settings to those that were by default.
Perform a full computer scan forViruses and other malicious programs. It's the viruses that cause such problems as a sudden reboot, a hang-up or shutdown of the computer. In the future, be careful when visiting suspicious websites and downloading unknown programs.

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