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WHY hands are regularly cold


Why the hands are regularly cold</a>

Regularly cold hands are a problem that bothers a large number of people, especially women.

It should be noted that the representatives of the fair sex thermoregulation of the body by nature is weaker than that of men.

However, cold hands are not always associated with external factors and weather conditions.

If you notice that your limbs are constantlyCold - this is a serious reason to visit a doctor. Specialists have found out that the legs and arms freeze very often due to spasm in small capillaries. In turn, the blood stops coming in the right amount. The result is cold extremities. In addition, a variety of diseases can serve as a cause.
Iron deficiency anemia is the lack of such a microelement in the body as iron. As a result, a person quickly consumes heat and freezes.
With vegetative-vascular dystonia a random reduction of capillaries occurs, which leads to a violation of blood flow to tissues and organs. As a result, the feet and hands are constantly cool.
Also to the symptoms of this disease include: heart palpitations, drowsiness, headache, absent-mindedness.
Diseases of the thyroid gland. If there are abnormalities in the thyroid gland, there is a lack of hormones. The body lacks energy, and limbs begin to freeze.
Diets are also often the cause of coldLimbs of the hands. Women exhaust themselves with strict restrictions in the diet. Start eating low-fat foods. The organism in this case does not receive a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. When the optimal functioning of the organism is disturbed, failures occur in the process of thermoregulation. That's why the legs and hands can be cold.
The presence of cold feet and hands can be associated withReception of special medicines, immune diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and heart. That's why you should not in no case delay the trip to the doctor.
Cold hands of the child
If a child has cold hands this may mean,That he, either fell ill, or froze. If at the same time he has lethargy and an increased body temperature, then most likely it is the flu or ARI. Immediately after recovery, this problem will pass.
Cold hands should not cause colds in infantsSpecial anxiety. The thermoregulation of infants is weak, so the palms can remain cool even in hot weather. But if the child becomes inactive at the same time, sleepy and does not eat well, it is worthwhile to immediately consult a doctor.
Useful recommendations
If you want your hands to keep warm, experts recommend:
1. Do not forget to eat right. In your diet should always be the first hot dishes. Also ginger tea warms well and improves blood circulation.
2. Charge. The morning must start with a light workout. It will help the body to come into tonus.
3. Dressing in the weather. We must not forget to put on a hat and gloves in winter. Do not wear tight clothes and shoes. It hinders the flow of blood to the tissues.
4. Do not smoke. Remember: with each tightening there is a natural spasm of small capillaries. As a result, the circulation of the extremities is disturbed.

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