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WHY turbid water in the aquarium

Turbid water in the aquarium

Turbid water in the tank - a common problem that is sometimes encountered even experienced aquarists. It can be fatal for your fish.

To avoid this, you need to understand the causes of this disaster and to eliminate them.

What does the water in the aquarium cloudy

Aquarium - it's a microcosm where there and dying organisms. It consists of a fine relationship of fish, plants and bacteria.

When creating a new aquarium fordays there is a huge number of bacteria breeding in water excessively. This leads to its turbidity. This process is completely normal and natural. Before you run the fish in the aquarium with new water, you just need to wait a few days until she is cleared. Due to lack of food, most bacteria die, and the biological balance of the water returning to normal. Change the water in this case is strictly forbidden, because it is also turbid. It is best to add a little water from the old aquarium, where long-established equilibrium. If this is not available, do not worry, the balance shall be settled in the water itself, just it will take more time.
Another reason may be muddy wateroverfeeding the fish. Excess food that your pets do not have time to eat, sink to the bottom and begin to rot. Because of this, the water begins to deteriorate. In this environment, the aquarium inhabitants might not feel good, and their prolonged stay in a bad water ruin.
With a large number of fish in the aquarium and atThus, poor water filtration, it appears blurred. Do the inhabitants of this environment will certainly poisoning of the body decay products, which will lead to their death.
The cause of turbid water can be algae. There is a view that the excessive multiplication leads to clouding of the medium in the tank and at the same time emits a foul odor. Another problem may be an excess of illumination or accumulation of organic matter on the bottom of the surplus that stimulate the rapid growth of microscopic algae, as a result of algal blooms occur. It becomes opaque with a greenish tinge. With a lack of light the plants in the aquarium will become brown and begin to rot, that spoil the habitat of fish and harm to their health.

What to do with the muddy water in the aquarium

To deal with the muddy water is not difficult, the main thing to understand the causes haze and adhere to certain rules in the future.

First you need to determine the cause of the water turbidity. If it is over-population of the aquarium, then, should be strengthened filtration or some fish move to another place. If this is the accumulation of excess food at the bottom, then you should reduce the dose or to buy food demersal fish that will eat up the precipitated food. When a problem with the lighting need to darken the tank or amplify the light. To prevent rapid algae growth recommended by the fish or snails that eat the plants. Corresponding to the size of the water tank in the aquarium to maintain biological balance, it is imperative to have a good filter. It should be understood that in the aquarium water of life, and to maintain the balance necessary to maintain certain conditions. It is not advised to use chemicals, they can lead to further disruption of the environment and require longer recovery.
In maintaining a balance in water it plays an important rolechange. After starting a new aquarium it is not necessary to change the water for 2-3 months until they get better balance. Subsequently, the water should be changed 1-2 times a month. This merging is only 1/5 of the total tank volume and the same by adding a new one. If the change is more than half, the habitat is disturbed, leading to the death of fish. In small water tanks can be replaced less frequently, provided that a good filter.

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