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WHY chicken meat allergy

Why chicken meat allergy

The various forms of allergy affects about a third of Russians.

The most common types of allergies are called household and food.

First vznikaet resulting reactions to dust, pollen, house plants.

The second is a stimulation in response to allergens from different products. Most often there is an allergy to citrus fruits and cereal foods.

However, there have been cases, and an allergy to meat, especially chicken.

Allergic reactions to chicken as the doctors say, a rare phenomenon. However, they still have a place to be. And the reasons have similar reactions in the body can be quite a lot.

Why do I get an allergy to chicken

Food allergens in chicken meat may bedue to the fact that in modern poultry farms often fed antibiotics to prevent any infection and the loss of cattle. These antibiotics accumulate in the meat and then acted as a catalyst, triggering allergic processes.

It is worth remembering that most of the drugs, which feed the birds accumulate in the breast. Smaller amounts are found in chicken thighs.

Another reason for which a person maydevelop an allergy to chicken meat - is intolerance to animal protein. According to statistics, this phenomenon is most often seen in children and occupies about 5% of all diagnosed allergic reactions.
Allergic to chicken indicates enoughimmune serious problems since raw chicken man uses rare. A freeze-thaw and the subsequent preparation of the allergens in meat destroyed. And if even after that person reacts to them is to pass tests to determine why there is a reaction.
If a person says is allergic to animal fur, it is likely that he will develop an allergy to meat.

How to diagnose an allergy to chicken meat

To diagnose an allergy to meat products in generaland chicken particularly necessary to avoid lack of iron in the body. Because inadequate intake of animal protein leads to the development of anemia. She, in turn, is becoming quite a serious test for the organism.
For the diagnosis of allergy to chicken meat more oftenjust use the method of delivery of blood to specific immunoglobulins. They are able to most accurately show the presence of allergens in the blood.

Symptoms of allergy to meat

To hand over analyzes and to make an appointment to the allergist is the case if after you eat chicken, you are marked:
- A disorder of the gastrointestinal kishesnogo treatise
- Appearance of skin rash, krasnh spots shelusheniy-
- Appearance nasmorka-
- Asthma attacks.

Typically, allergy to chicken observed 5-6 hours after a meal. If they appeared later, perhaps, the reason for their appearance has become another irritant.

When allergy symptoms is tochicken, is to be prepared for the fact that from the diet will have to be deleted and eggs. Also it is necessary to worry about how to clean out the bedding (quilts, pillows, etc.), if they are filled with chicken down.

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