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WHY cheaper electricity at night

The use of electricity at night can significantly save you money

On the shelves there were a variety of multi-tariff electricity meters.

Energy companies actively introduce various billing the consumption of electricity in the daytime and at night.

In this regard, many citizens question why electricity is cheaper at night.

The reasons for the low price of electricity at night

Electricity consumption in the daytime is much higher than at night. To this there are many reasonable and logical explanation.
Firstly, most of the production is running in the afternoon. Second, the vast majority of people is the daily lifestyle. All this affects the high consumption of electricity during the day.
It is because of the majority of power plantsforced to work on the peak power that is required for the normal maintenance of the country with electricity. Normal mode of operation stations are those maximum capacities that are required for implementing their facilities during the day.
In any of the plants and there is alsosignificant disadvantage. Transfer station to another mode of operation - a lengthy process that can not be done even in a few hours.

Electricity consumption falls at night at times, but production remains the same as during the day.

The totality of these factors leads to the fact thatvirtually any power plants have to work on the very peak power at night. It is understood that during the night a similar power generation completely unprofitable.
For a State making such a problem thereonly two. The first of these - the establishment of special storage plants, which store up unnecessarily worked out during the nighttime electricity for use in the necessary moment.
However, it is not always possible to create such an object. Then the state has to encourage the citizens of electricity consumption in the night time.

How to use cheap electricity

For these purposes, you can stock up on special electrical timers, which will include a variety of electrical capacitance devices is strictly at a certain time.
If you use underfloor heating orelectric heaters to heat the house, the more practical and profitable it is to use them at night. Washing machine or dishwasher in a similar manner can be run at night.

For the separate accounting of electricity consumed during the day and at night you must install special multi-tariff meter.

But the most important thing - to establish multi-tariff electricity meters, which will produce a differentiated electricity account in the daytime and night-time and save your money.

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