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WHY stopped chicken?


Why have stopped chicken?</a>

The chicken egg contains vitamins, protein and minerals.

Eggs strengthen joints and bones, increase brain activity, stimulate the immune system.

In addition, this product is absorbed by 97-98% of the human body.

In the family farm, the breeding of chickens plays an important role precisely because of the high nutritional value of eggs.

However, it happens that the chickens suddenly stop racing.

The reasons why the chickens stopped carrying eggs, can be different. The main ones are:
- incorrect conditions of detention-
- fear and stress-
- improper feeding-
- Infections and diseases-
- carelessness of the owner.

Improper conditions for laying hens

How to make a cage for laying hens
One of the reasons why the chickens stopped racing -Too low or high temperature in the house. The optimum temperature for chickens is 20-23 ° C, not higher than 25 ° C. Hang a thermometer in the chicken coop - this is the most reliable way to determine if the conditions of detention meet the requirements. If necessary, insulate the chicken coop or ventilate it more often.

Often ventilate the chicken coop and keep it clean. Make sure that there is enough light and optimal temperature for birds.

Another reason for the decline in egg production inLaying hens may have a lack of light in the poultry house. Experienced veterinarians and owners of poultry farms recommend not to turn off the light in this room at night, and in the afternoon to release birds to fresh air in a fenced place intended for their walking.
In addition, in the premises whereLaying hen, should be quite spacious. If there are too many chickens in the poultry house, this can be one of the reasons why they stop rushing. Make sure that there are places in the henhouse for laying eggs. Extra cocks are planted in a separate enclosure. One cock is enough for ten hens.

Other reasons for the decline in egg production in chickens

How to feed chicken
Fright and stress. Chicken - very shy birds. They are able to stress anything, from heavy rain to loud screaming. Therefore, various unexpected and exciting situations often lead to the fact that chickens stop giving eggs.

Some chickens can themselves glue their newly laid eggs, especially with calcium deficiency.

Incorrect food. When the bird lacks solid food and food rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals, it ceases to carry eggs or the latter leave without shell. In this case, it is recommended to change the feed to a new one and introduce the missing vitamins into the ration of chickens. To make up for the lack of calcium, give them crushed shells or eggshells.

If the hens have long ceased to carry eggs, you should contact the veterinarian.

Chickens can suffer from various diseases and infections. Only consultation of a veterinarian can correct the situation.
Sometimes a host of hens inattentively thinks thatThey stopped racing. However, quite often crows, mice, rats or wild animals steal eggs from the house, which creates a deceptive impression that there were no eggs at all. Rats do it very cunningly: one of them takes a chicken egg in the paws, then lies on his back, and the rest carry it along with the trophy to his dwelling. Crows come much easier: taking the egg in the beak, they fly away.
Also, it should be borne in mind that the chicken carries eggs forThat of them to sit out chickens. When she realizes that her eggs are missing, she can change the location of the masonry. A good look in all parts of the house, it is possible that you will find them.

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