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WHY cat pees on the owners bed

Some cats have a bad habit to write down on the bed of their owners

In principle, domestic cats often do not piss where necessary. It is worth noting that this "happy" place can become not only a sofa bed or its owner, but in general any point of the apartment.

But more often it is still bed.

Such behavior on the part of their favoritesIt brings a lot of inconvenience to their owners. Unfortunately, the cat - not a dog, so do not lend themselves to any local train. Taming these furry creatures are engaged only professionals (for example, a well-known Yuri Kuklachev), which in some cases can wean cats from the "bad habits".

Cat shits the bed. Why?

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The vast majority of domestic cats do not likewith their physical need for a special tray designed specifically for this. No need to imagine that the favorite does not like anybody, and so does everything out of spite. This is not true. The animal behaves exactly as it is prescribed by Mother Nature.

Scientists have shown that the brains of cats closer to human than dog brain. Moreover, in the emotional sphere cats meet the same brain areas, and that in humans.

You have to understand that the task of any lovinghost - not to wean the cat from its natural instincts and habits, and to create the conditions under which she could not or would not want to "vandalize" on master's bed.
To find out the true reasons for this behaviorpet, you need to thoroughly understand its natural mechanisms. All of this - not without reason, because cats are by nature - clean animals. His "business" they prefer to celebrate in any one place. If the cat refuses the offered her a tray, it's just something not satisfied.

A few reasons why the cat pee in the bed of their owners

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You must include the cat to the vet to receive andcheck whether she had kidney stones. If the diagnosis is confirmed, it will be necessary to carry out professional treatment. The fact is that this disease is often the reason why a cat pee on the bed of their owners.
For example, a pet once felt uncomfortable,associated with sharp pain during urination in the tray. In the future, the cat associates the two things together and think in the tray it will always hurt, so avoid it in the hope that the pain will stop.
If the cat would be healthy, butwill stubbornly refuse to visit the tray and shit wherever it is not necessary, it can be assumed that it is not satisfied with the location of the tray. In most cases, the cat pee on the bed and sofas for their owners for this trivial reason.

The claws of cats are arranged in such a way that they never descend from a tree upside down. That's why they descend down, walking backwards.

The fact that domestic cats - is not onlyrefined and harmful "gourmets", but the real "pedantic"! They need to have their "toilet" was protected from prying eyes, he kept steadily in place. Curiously, some particularly harmful pets may just not like the color of the tray that will be associated with their pit or any other danger.
Another reason for the affectionate petscats enclose a "pig" in bed to their owners, it is the most common reaction to certain stimuli. The fact that these animals are pretty dire experience any change in their usual and a measured way of life. Any stressful situation may encourage cats to commit just such bad acts.

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