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Why cat leash

Those who care about the safety of your pet, choose to walk the cat so that its movements were controlled.

Not all owners have a cat at home,uncontrolled release an animal into the street. If the cat is rarely leaves the apartment, it is safer and more convenient for her, if the owners derive it for a walk, using special ammunition promenade - a collar, harness, leash.

Cat on a leash - this is quite a common phenomenon. Many owners who care about the safety of your pet, make sure to walk with a leash and harness. This ensures the safety of the cat and the owner peace of mind.

Leashes and harnesses for dogs sold in abundance inany pet store. The most suitable model - the ones that are made from a nylon elastic band. The material should be as easy as possible - it may be nylon or cotton. When choosing a lead weight should certainly be taken into account - cats are very sensitive, and even the lightweight design they can cause discomfort.

What a cat needs a leash?

Not all cats will respond to the callowners, not to mention the fact, to execute commands voiced them. Cat, issued a walk, usually runs explore the area, or hiding in nearby bushes, from which to extract it will be quite difficult. To keep the animal under control, the best way - to use a special harness and leash.

The leash will ensure that the cat does notclimb under the car, will not be lost and will not get lost. Enjoy them while moving, visiting the veterinary clinic, when traveling in the public and private transport.

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