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WHY cat crap in bed

Why does a cat shit in bed

Lying in bed, man hopes to finally relax and relieve the burden of problems that occupied his attention during the day and relax.

That's just instead of clean sheets, lightly scented fabric softener in bed can wait for an unpleasant surprise - the cat of life results.

health Question

to call the kitten March
It is difficult to find a less suitable place for cattoilet, rather than a master bed. The reasons for such offense may be several. First of all, do not try to move on the cat human consciousness - she bears days cunning plan of revenge. Most likely, the reason will be much more prosaic than the fierce resentment of the fact that a week ago you were late for an hour feeding. Immediately note on the tray. Cats - chistyuli rare, and if it is legitimate toilet dirty, it is not changed in time filler from it smells bad, the animal chooses to spravleniya their needs elsewhere. Your bed in this respect quite suitable.


What do you call a cat
The reason for such disgusting behavior of catsand can be a variety of diseases. If an animal is in pain during urination or bowel movements, it may find that the discomfort associated not with the process but with the place where it happens. Blame the tray, the cat will choose another toilet. Contact your veterinarian, who will lead the inspection of your pet, take on the analysis of blood and urine, do abdominal ultrasound to rule out inflammation of the urogenital system.

If the bed was crap old animal, perhaps the reason is his age, and medications do not help. You just have to close the bedroom door in your absence.

sexual tags

Why do cats start to yell in the spring
Reaching sexual maturity age, the animals are often made mark their territory. The yield in this situation, only one - the animal must be neutered to get rid of inappropriate behavior.

Choose a fabric softener with the scent of citrus and lavender. Cats do not like the smell, and the animal will prefer to avoid your bed.


The test stress can also affectthe behavior of your pet. For example, you have got another animal, you have a child, you have come to visit relatives noisy. Such changes could scare the cat so that he began to take a crap right into your bed. Try to be a little nicer to animals, help him cope with the situation, and his behavior will be the same.
Perhaps the animal took fright at the very moment,when I am going to use your tray. Fear forced him to go in search of a new toilet. This means that you will have to do re-planning - to move the litter box in a quiet place where your pet for sure will not be disturbed.

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