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WHY car stalls on the go

Why stall the car on the move

As you know, the car can die at the most inopportune moment.

And the reason for this can be any failure of the vehicle.

To rectify the situation as much as possible faster, you need to know, from what could stall the car on track.



To begin remember how the car behaved beforeshe stalled. If during movement she jerked, then most likely cause is a problem with the fuel system. In this case, check that the petrol in the tank, as well as its quality. Perhaps you have not made a replacement of the fuel or the air filter, which is why the process has begun mixing in the engine.


The car on the move may stall duefuel pump failure, the formation of blockages in the injector or probe idling. To continue driving, perform cleaning of the units cleaning compositions.


The reason for failure may be getting too muchair in the fuel system due to the absence of the compounds or deformed density nozzles. To resolve this problem, replace the pipe clamps and braces. This work is not complicated, more importantly, the right to determine the place of leakage.


The car may abruptly stop becausefaults in the electrical part. In this case, remove the spark for a detailed inspection. If need be, then dry them. You can also check out the central wire and spark wire.


The sudden stop of the machine can occur dueignition system fault that may cause knocking settings established earlier. The cause of vehicle breakdown may also be insufficient even sparking that occurs due to dirt and moisture accumulates mostly in the spark plug hole. To eliminate damage to thoroughly clean the contacts.


The machine may stall and idle,that often occurs due to damage to the idling sensor. This is due to the fact that this unit takes over the control of the run time engine. Bring the car in good condition will help replacing the sensor. If the vehicle refuses to go, then this may indicate that the throttle formed a blockage that needs to be addressed.


If you still can not identifycause damage to your car, there will be able to help only professionals from the nearest garage. To deliver to their wrecked vehicles, you can use the paid services of a tow truck.

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