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Why can not I catch butterflies

Why can not I catch butterflies

This summer fun as catching butterflies, can hardly be called humane.

Any touch of the butterfly traumatize her, especially her wings.

Do not catch butterflies just like that, unless it is linked to the need to study insects.



catching butterflies engaged, probably many. Run on a hot summer meadow covered with a net bright butterfly gently take her wings - thus touch with nature. But is it good?

how to catch a butterfly arms


There are people who deal with butterflies and otherinsects professionally. They are called entomologists. These professionals know how to handle fragile creatures. Entomologists sometimes catch butterflies, to make up the collection, necessary for the study of various kinds. But scientists will never catch insects for fun.

The most beautiful butterflies of the world


See butterflies collection can be in suchmuseum. Consider carefully the wings. They are covered with tiny scales. It is because flakes coloring butterflies so elegant and iridescent.

butterfly farming


If a live butterfly unceremoniously take your fingers forwings, it will remain in the hands of multi-colored pollen. It scales from the wings. Injured butterfly difficult to fly. It is likely to live less than it could, or even almost immediately dies.

how to feed the butterflies


Century butterflies are generally very short. Some live only a few hours, they are called "phony." Other live longer. There are butterflies, which are able to spend the winter. But anyway, these insect life cycle is short.

How to breed butterflies


In nature, everything is interconnected and balanced. If you suddenly become less butterflies, receive less feed birds that feed on insects. There will be fewer birds - divorced pests in forests and fields.


Do not for a moment of triumph to break something that can please the eye and the heart again and again. Protecting nature, man builds his prosperous future.

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