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Why can not we call animals human names

Why not call the animals human names

The people there is a sign: pet should not be given human names.

Despite this unofficial ban, you can often hear the cat called Vaska, a dog - the Bear.

So what is the meaning of this prejudice, and what are the arguments "for" and "against."

Historical tradition

In the Russian language there are rules thatshare names on the different types. Anthroponyms - the names of people, names of animals - animals nicknames. It turns out that in the very rules of the Russian language is incorporated division of names for animals and humans.

Previously, when the church was in Russia moreinfluence, called the animals human names, was strictly forbidden. Each person's name is holy. Give a dog a human name - is an insult to the heavenly patron.

There is another reason why to givehuman animal names undesirable. Your family could be when a man with the same name and it turns out that you thus insult the memory of ancestors, if you name your cat Masha and yard dogs Danko. It turns out that the name of a human name devalued and no longer mean anything.

Ethical side

There is another reason why desirable givinganimals human names. For example, no one is safe from the fact that one day your son or daughter does not bring home his beloved, whose name matches the name of your pet, so it is better not to risk once again and to call their pets traditional names.

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