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Why animals can not be called human names</a>

In the people there is such a sign: pets can not be given human names.

Despite this secret prohibition, you can often hear how a cat is called Vaska, and the dog is called Mishka.

So what is the meaning of this prejudice, and what are the pros and cons arguments.

Historical tradition

In Russian there are norms thatSeparate the names into different types. Anthroponyms are the names of people, and zoonyms are the names of animals. It turns out that the rules of the Russian language themselves contain a separation of names for animals and humans.

Earlier, when the church had a largerInfluence, call animals by human names, was strictly forbidden. Behind every person's name is a saint. To give a dog a human name is to offend the heavenly patron.

There is another reason for givingHuman names are undesirable to animals. In your family there could have been a person with that name and it turns out that you, thus, will offend the memory of your ancestors if you call your cat Masha, and Danya's yard dog. It turns out that the name of a human name depreciates and ceases to mean anything.

Ethical side

There is another reason why it is undesirable to giveAnimals human names. For example, no one is immune from the fact that one day your son or daughter will not bring his beloved home, whose name coincides with the name of your pet, so it's better not to risk and call your pets by traditional names.

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