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Why can not marry in a leap

Why can not marry in a leap

Marriage - it's one of the most important events in human life. Therefore, on this day the couple are trying to provide all the details.

It has long been believed that the wedding ceremony is something mystical and is surrounded by countless rituals and trappings.

One of them - a belief that we can not get married in a leap year.

What is special in a leap year?

Leap year is different from the normal only inthat it lasts 365 and 366 days, due to the fact that there is such a calendar date, on February 29th. This day came thanks to Julius Caesar, who decided that every four years is necessary to add an extra day, which invested lost hours, namely for the year - 5 hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds. These clocks are added to February, as in ancient Rome, February was the last month of the year.

Since ancient times it was believed that in a leap year girlmay make an offer to any boy, and her choice has no right to refuse. In Ireland, there is the custom on this day. The trouble is that next year is the year of the widows, who, in turn, was replaced by year widowers. Historians argue that these beliefs are associated with the times of the wars that long entrenched in the minds of people.

Why it is not necessary to get married in a leap year?

In this regard, there are several signs. A leap year is called the year of Kasian. Kasyan image associated with the whole demonic both in appearance and behavior. For their evil deeds he carries a punishment - three years in a row Angel hits him with a hammer on his forehead, and he is resting in the fourth year. That this year is considered a leap year, and Kasyan can again do their evil deeds. Including destroy the newly minted family.

Therefore, belief in a leap year is nothingIt can not be changed, including marital status. It promises big trouble. It is believed that in a leap year occurs more deaths. A marriage contracted in a "bad" year will not be successful. There is also a sign that the couple whose marriage was contracted in a leap year, change each other.

Another sign against a wedding in a leap year, says that one of the spouses necessarily widowed.

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From the viewpoint of astrology, once every four yearschanging the position of the Earth relative to the other planets and celestial bodies. Because of what disturbed homeostatic field of the Earth, negatively affecting susceptible people, disrupting brain activity, making them more aggressive.

The consequence of these changes will be endless quarrels between spouses.

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If you are still married in a leap year,and he just did not work out, you know that a divorce in a year can not be - there will be happiness in his personal life. Therefore it is necessary to suffer unloved man until next year, possibly with the end of the year and will be adjusted.

Yet the decision to get married in a leap year or not belongs to you. Therefore, before making a big decision, first weigh the pros and cons.

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