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Why can not I get married in a leap


Why can not you get married in a leap</a>

Marriage is one of the most important events in a person's life. Therefore, on this day, the newlyweds try to provide for everything to the smallest detail.

For a long time it is believed that the ceremony of marriage is something mystical and is surrounded by countless rituals and signs.

One of them is the belief that one can not marry a leap year.

What is special about a leap year?

The leap year differs from the usual only in that,That it lasts not 365, but 366 days, due to the fact that the date appears on the calendar, as on February 29. This day appeared thanks to Julius Caesar, who decided that every four years it is necessary to add an extra day, in which the lost hours were invested, namely for a year - 5 hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds. These hours are added to February, as in Ancient Rome February was the last month of the year.

Since ancient times it was believed that in a leap year, a girlCan make an offer to any guy, and her elect does not have the right to refuse. In Ireland, and to this day there is this custom. The trouble is that the next year was considered the year of widows, which, in turn, was replaced by the year of widowhood. Historians argue that these beliefs are associated with the times of wars, which for a long time entrenched in the minds of people.

Why not get married in a leap year?

On this occasion, there are several signs. A leap year is called the year of Kasyan. The image of Kasyan is associated with everything demonic in appearance and behavior. For his evil deeds, he is punished - three years in a row the angel beats him with a hammer on his forehead, and in the fourth year he rests. It is this year is considered a leap year, and Kasyan can again do his evil deeds. Including destroying newly-made families.

Therefore, according to legacies in a leap year, nothingCan not be changed, including marital status. It bodes a lot of trouble. It is believed that in a leap year more deaths occur. The marriage concluded in such a "bad" year will not be successful. There is also a sign that the newlyweds, whose marriage was made in a leap year, change each other.

Another sign against the wedding in a leap year says that one of the spouses is necessarily widowed.

From the point of view of astrology, every four yearsThe position of the Earth changes with respect to other planets and celestial bodies. Because of what the homeostatic field of the Earth, negatively influencing the susceptible people is broken, breaking brain activity, making them more aggressive.

The consequence of such changes will be endless quarrels between spouses.

If you still married in a leap year,And he did not immediately develop, know that it is impossible to divorce in such a year - there will be no happiness in your personal life. Therefore, it is worthwhile to suffer the unloved person until next year, perhaps with the end of the year everything will be fine.

And yet the decision to marry a leap year or not belongs only to you. Therefore, before making a serious decision, first weigh the pros and cons.

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