Why can not cow's milk be given to children under one year old?


Why can not cow's milk for children under one year</a>

About that it is not necessary to give milk to children until a year, they spoke back in the 18th century.

And for that there are a number of reasons. However, until now, doctors are proposing to introduce this product as complementary to infants.

Modern supporters of natural parenting and advanced pediatricians consider this unacceptable.

Cow milk is a product loved by many. And it is difficult enough to imagine the life of modern mankind. Kashi, pies, cakes, sour cream and other sour-milk products are often based on cow's milk. At the same time there are a lot of those who very much criticize cow's milk for its excessive fat content, satiety, etc.

Agree or not with potential harmCow milk for the human body, this is everyone's business. However, one can state with certainty only the fact that it is better not to use such a product for children under one year. And there are quite a few reasons for this.

The reasons why you should not give milk to children under one year old

First and foremost, and this is the main reason, milkEach animal, including a human, is designed for the specific needs of its young. And absolutely not suitable for other species. So, for example, it is worth remembering that calves grow an order of magnitude faster than human children. And this means that in cow's milk there are more nutrients that are needed to nurture a healthy calf. The digestive system of a baby with such a load simply can not cope.

Especially it is not necessary to put experiments not children who already from a birth suffer problems with GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT. For them, such a fatty and protein-rich product can become quite a serious test.

Another reason is that the cowBelongs to the class of herbivores, the human being is a predatory animal. And this means that in two biological species - cows and humans - ferment systems are completely differently arranged. The composition, the number of amino acids and much more, which is important for the development of the calf and baby, vary. So, for example, in cow's milk there are 3 times more proteins than in human breast milk, and as many times as many different mineral substances. Excess of such substances leads to excessive load on the baby's body, because For the withdrawal of surplus kidney kidney begin to work with doubled, and sometimes with a tripled force. Accordingly, the body wears out more quickly.

In cow's milk is not enough iron, which is very important for the full development of the child.

This point can be considered controversial, because Milk is usually not given for replenishment in the body of iron deficiency. Just take this fact into account and additionally provide the child with the iron rate.

For the cleavage of enzymes from cow's milkThe child needs a lot of energy. And if the body makes a mistake and accepts foreign amino acids for its own, it is fraught with the development of allergies and its manifestations in the form of atopic dermatitis, diathesis, etc.

Due to the fact that cow's milk for the babyIs a heavier product, it is digested for a long time, and often leaves in the intestines and undigested particles. They, as is well known, quite aggressively affect the intestinal mucosa. As a result, constipation, swelling or, conversely, a loose stool.

Experts argue that the baby's intestinal mucosa is able to neutralize the aggressive effect of protein only at the age of 1.5-2 years.

What is fraught with the intake of cow's milk by children under one year of age

Naturally, not every child can giveReaction to taking cow's milk. And if some processes go deep inside, it does not mean that you can not pay attention to them. It's just worth remembering that an excessive infatuation with cow's milk for children up to a year can lead to quite serious problems.

For example, doctors know of casesDiseases of the child with type 1 diabetes mellitus. In addition, gastrointestinal bleeding may well develop as a result of intestinal overexcitation at the time of digestion of such a heavy product.

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