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Why can not cow's milk for children up to a year

Why not cow's milk for children up to a year

The fact that it is not necessary to give milk to children up to a year, said in the 18th century.

And there are a number of reasons. However, until now, doctors offer to introduce this product as a feeding infants.

Modern proponents of the natural parenting and leading pediatricians consider it unacceptable.

Cow's milk - a product loved by many. Yes, and quite difficult to imagine the life of modern humanity. Kashi, pies, cakes, cream and other milk products is often based on cow's milk. This is a lot of those who are very critical of cow's milk for his excess fat, satiety, etc.

Agree or disagree with the potential harmcow's milk for the human body, it is everyone's business. However, safe to say only that children under one year of such a product is better not to use. And there are quite a few reasons.

The reasons why it is not necessary to give milk to children under one year

Primarily, this is the main reason for milkeach animal, including a human, intended for the specific needs of its young. And it is not suitable for other species. For example, it is worth remembering that the calves grow much faster human children. This means that in cow's milk more nutrients that are necessary for a healthy calf rearing. The digestive system of a baby with a load simply can not cope.

Especially it is not necessary to experiment are not children who already suffer from birth problems with the gastrointestinal tract. For them, a fat and rich in protein product can be quite a serious challenge.

Another reason lies in the fact that the cowIt belongs to a class of herbivores, the man - animal predatory. This means that the two species - cows and humans - quite differently arranged enzyme systems. The composition, the number of amino acids, and many other things that it is important for the development of the calf and the baby, vary. For example, in cow's milk is 3 times more protein than in human breast milk, as many times larger and various mineral substances. The excess of such substances leads to excessive load on the body of the baby, because to display the child's kidneys begin to work with surplus doubled, and sometimes with a triple force. Accordingly, the body wears out faster.

Cow's milk is not enough iron, which is essential for the full development of the child.

This item can be considered controversial because usually not give milk to replenish the body's iron deficiency. Just this fact should be taken into account and additional iron to ensure the child norm.

For splitting enzymes from cow's milkbaby a lot of energy is required. And if the body makes a mistake and take alien to him for their amino acids, it is fraught with the development of allergy and its manifestations in the form of atopic dermatitis, diathesis, etc.

Due to the fact that the cow's milk for babyis a heavier product is digested for a long time, often leaves and intestine undigested particles. They are known to be quite aggressive effect on the intestinal mucosa. As a result, there are constipation, bloating, or, conversely, loose stools.

Experts say that the intestinal mucosa of the child is able to neutralize the aggressive influence of the protein only at the age of 1.5-2 years.

What is fraught with cow's milk intake of children under one year

Of course, not every child can givereceiving responses to cow's milk. And if some processes take place deep inside, it does not mean that it is possible for them not to pay attention. Just to remember that the overuse of children with cow's milk can lead to quite serious problems up to a year.

For example, physicians are caseschild diabetes disease first type of diabetes. In addition, it may well evolve and gastrointestinal bleeding due to intestinal surge at the time of digesting such a heavy product.

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