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Why can slow down the Internet

Why can slow down the Internet

Internet users often find themselves in such a situation: connection speed is clearly below the stated provider, but any work on the line is not conducted.

In these cases, you need to look for the root of the problem in your computer.

The reasons for slow Internet connections maydepend, from the user or the provider. In the second case, we are talking about cable gusts, poor performance of the equipment installed in your house, as well as all sorts of maintenance. To resolve these issues, you need to contact the provider yourself, since all of them are within its competence.
However, with the other difficulties you may well cope on their own. Consider these challenges in more detail.


The Internet spreads a lot of spyware,"Trojan horses" and other malicious software that the worse effect on your connection speed. They can infiltrate the browser, use the Internet channel, monitor your actions, etc. Therefore, the computer must be installed with Antivirus topical bases.


Internet often slows down because of the anti-virusprograms and firewalls. The information is checked "on the fly", so the connection speed drops. In this case, you can disable the firewall and check the speed. If it increases, you should think about changing the antivirus or change settings.

Network programs and add-ons

Program for downloading information toconversation and correspondence, browser add-ons - all this also reduces the speed of the Internet. Therefore, it is worth considering whether you really need all of these add-ons that provide information that is often not necessary.

operating system

Sometimes the problem is fixed oncomputer system. Especially if we are talking about all kinds of assemblies - they can bring the user to the difficulty of obtaining the IP-addresses, installing drivers for network cards, etc.

Incorrect configuration of wireless equipment

If you access the Internet via Wi-Fia router, it is likely that your network are neighbors. For such a connection does not need to have any special skills. In this connection it is necessary to encrypt the data and carefully configure the router. For example, you can enable filtering by MAC-address-by writing in it all their devices.
Many are 3G-modem. Its antenna should be at a certain level - otherwise it will be a low speed. Connect a modem is not behind the system unit, and in front: it will receive the signal free. If this is not possible, use an extension cord and place the can in the monitor.

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