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WHY can be heated appliance power plug

Why can heat the appliance power plug

Probably everyone at least once faced with a situation where, turning off any electrical appliance, you take the plug, but it's hot.

It is understood that it is abnormal.

But why, it may be heated?

Plug in the appliance circuit

Almost all electrical appliancesconnect to the network using a plug that is inserted into the wall socket. This connection is called a plug. The plug is usually connected to the electrical device cord. However, there are a lot of household appliances, which are mounted directly on the plug. This, for example, chargers for iPod, AA batteries, elektrofumigatora insect repellent.

If the origin of the electrical plug name all is clear - it looks like, from the outlet? Etymology is the same - on the basis of similarity to the common wall or ceiling decoration.

The device plugs and sockets

Plug the power appliance isinsulating plastic body from which protrude two metal pin, and on the opposite side, or the side of the cable wires. In case the plug wires are placed tightly fastened screw connections with the base of the probe. Such plugs collapsible and must be repaired or replaced. In the same manner, by a screw connection, are mounted flat wire for mains wall socket. In order to ensure the close contact in the plug connection with a plug socket, and she and the other must be the same type. It is unacceptable to insert the plug into the traditional Russian euro connector socket.

In more serious electrical appliances plugs have three pins, and they should be included in the relevant trehgnezdnaya outlet. Third pin connects the ground.

Reasons for heating plugs and sockets

If electrical power capability,designed for the consumption of power from the mains electricity supply, heating the reason it is often in poor contact screw connection in the plug or socket. Poor contact resistance increases in the electrical circuit, and at the emergency site is heated. This can lead to burning insulation, arcing, and it is likely that over the fire. Timely repair or replacement of defective plug connections.

Recently, a large widespread tselnoplavlennye not folding fork, is integral with a cord. They can not be repaired - only replace together with a cord.

If the apartment is used homemadeElectric heating device is high-power, heating in the plugs occurs both at the weakest point. Such a device can not operate strictly.

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