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WHY called Poklonnaya Gora

Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow

Poklonnaya Hill? an interesting historical site.

In Russia, a lot of places with the same name, in almost every area has its own Poklonnaya Hill.

The origin of this toponym has several options to establish the truth is not easy.

Poklonnaya Hill have all over Russia, for example,the northern part of St. Petersburg, on the way to Vyborg and Suzdal. Other ancient settlements also have their Poklonnaya Hill. But the most famous mountain of the same name - in Moscow, in the west of the city center, this gentle hill between the rivers Setun and Filka. Once upon a time, this hill was located far outside the city limits. It offers wonderful views of the surroundings. The travelers were delayed here to pay homage to the white stone, hence the nickname "Bow."


On Moscow's Poklonnaya Hill for the first time links can befound in the historical "Bychowiec Chronicle", in connection with the events of 1368? 1370's (Moscow-Lithuanian War). Also there is information about it in the original XVI century. In 1508, her bread and salt met the ambassadors of the Crimean Khan Giray Mengli. During the trip to Moscow, in 1591, there was a military camp Tatar Prince Ghazi Giray II. By the way, the campaign ended in failure for him.
On the hill with bows came out to meet eminentguests and ambassadors of foreign powers. Knowing about this tradition, in 1812 it was on Poklonnaya Hill Bonaparte unsuccessfully waiting for the keys to the Kremlin. Today, the memory of the events in 1812 near the mountain opened museum-panorama "Battle of Borodino" and "Kutuzov hut" (Veterans Museum), in which Kutuzov held a council of war at the Battle of Borodino.
In 1958, there laid a national park, whereheld festivities. Ten years later, it has been installed Arc de Triomphe in honor of the liberation of the French army. By the day of the 50th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (in 1990) on the mountain erected a memorial complex.

Versions of origin "Poklonnaya Gora"

The name "Poklonnaya Gora" historians treatambiguously. Why "mountain"? clear, in central Russia called so any elevation. Scientists, historians believe that the name "Bow" sorrow gave the tradition that existed in the X century: each visitor to the city traveler, whether great-prince or a peasant, up the hill and beat bows, thus expressing their respect the settlement and its inhabitants.
But there is another explanation for the origin of this place name. The word "bow" in feudal times was called a tax levied on travelers entering the city.
Now come here to worship the memory of the participants of the two Patriotic War. Churches and museums that are located here, reminiscent of the tragic days for our country.

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