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WHY command called CSKA CSKA

The emblem sports club CSKA listed the year of establishment of the club - 1911

Belonging to one of the athletessports clubs, most Russian TV commentators, newspaper reporters and fans often indicates a pattern introduced by someone unknown and have long since become accustomed.

For example, basketball players and football players of CSKA, where the Americans played a long time ago, Serbs, Bulgarians, Swedes, Japanese, Africans and other foreigners, often referred to CSKA Moscow.

Get up on the skis!

Before becoming exactly CSKA, the club survivedmany not only shocks, but also renamed. And at the time of occurrence, and this happened even when the last Russian tsar, it is not applied to the Armed Forces.

As historians of Soviet sport showthe ancestor of the now existing Central Army Sports Club is originated in Moscow in 1911 by the Society of skiing enthusiasts (OLLS). It was created by the same name, and the football team, whose best achievement was winning the championship in 1922, the capital and the unofficial title of the strongest in the country. And four years earlier, athletes from the Company's officially became members of the Red Army and universal education.

Actually, it was then stood for OLLSskiers, boxers, football players and other athletes were inextricably linked with the army, received the full right to be called, for ease of handling, CSKA. Finally, is it right for members of the de facto military sports club was fixed after the first of the numerous reorganizations. And save, perhaps, forever.

Area sports experiences

Defeating the white invaders and the country's leadershipCouncil to take, and for the sport. In 1923 all sport society, create, receive their names before the revolution, they have been renamed in a new way, by going to various Soviet departments and law enforcement agencies. In particular, OLLS officially moved under the patronage of the senior military leadership, at the same time becoming a Pilot demonstration area of ​​universal education (OPPV). It is noteworthy that in addition to performances in stadiums, rings and carpets, athletes with the "Grounds" were instructed to engage in physical training not only the Red Army, but also those who are just getting ready to serve.

House for Army Sports

Next reorganization and name changeIt took place in 1928. Moreover, in two stages, the belonging society does not affect to the army ranks. Until 1951, the ex-OLLS was called the Central House of the Red Army (CDKA), and six years later proudly bore the name of the Central House of the Soviet Army (CDSA). It was only in 1957, "home" has become a "club." More precisely - Central Sports Club of the Ministry of Defence (CSK MO). However, we stayed in this status the Soviet Army team is not very long, up to 1960-th.

Now and forever

But under the name of Central Sports ClubArmy (CSKA) former CSK MO lived record time, long ago celebrated its 50th anniversary. However, the attitude of the army is to the sport he has ceased to be around since the early '90s, when dwells in the ranks of CSKA privates, corporals and lieutenants en masse began to move to other clubs and even go abroad.

And now, legally existing under the flag isArmy sports club CSKA opened its doors, even for foreigners from countries very far abroad. What, for example, need only a simple enumeration names of coaches and players on the basketball team from Moscow - Messina, Shamir, Jackson, Krstic, Mitsov, Pargo, Teodosic, Wimsey, Hines. None of these, of course, does not serve in the Moscow military district, army being only nominally, by long tradition ...

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