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Why the ears burn and what cheeks burn


Why the ears burn and what cheeks burn </a>

When ears or cheeks start to burn, people immediately remember the folk signs.

Even if a person does not believe them in principle, almost everyone recognizes that signs do not arise from scratch, and there is some logical explanation for this.

If the ears or cheeks begin to burn for no apparent reason, the explanation can be tried to find among the beliefs that will take.
It is assumed that someSensitive people are able to catch on a subconscious level weak vibrations from other people's conversations, especially in those moments when they discuss their person. And the subconscious already transfers impulses to the cheeks, ears and other parts of the body. This issue has never been studied particularly seriously, so the reasons are called different, including physiological ones.
Often it happens that the ears or cheeks burn withoutFor obvious reasons. If the cardiovascular and respiratory system works well, there is no remorse, the person is not in a state of stress, the skin is not affected by frost or intense heat, to find out the reasons, it only remains to turn to the people's signs.

Why cheeks burn

According to the signs, burning cheeks suggest thatSomeone remembers about a person. You can even try to find out what mood it is. To find out, you need to take a gold ring and hold it in the face - so that there is a trace on the skin. If the strip turned out bright, thoughts about a person are kind and good. Red color - there is no definite opinion among the remembering. If there is a band of dark color, they think of you with unkind, if not hostile, intentions.
If one cheek burns, you can assume that you are remembered by a loved one or soon a new fan will appear.
With bad omens it is believed that future troubles can be avoided if you wash with holy water or sprinkle her face.

Why ears burn

If your ears are burning, this is a sure sign of gossip. You can even figure out which character of these gossips: when you feel the heat in your left ear, it is assumed that someone responds about the person in the best way. The right ear - someone praised. It is believed that slander in his address a person is able to feel at a great distance, and this is expressed in the inflow of large amounts of blood to the ears.
And here is a kind of schedule on the days of the week: Those who trust the signs and try to find a secret meaning in any event occurring with them, can be guided by it. Burning cheeks and ears on Monday foreshadow a new acquaintance. Tuesday - expect trouble or a quarrel with someone, Wednesday - ahead of a romantic date, Thursday, Sunday - a pleasant pastime, Friday - news, Saturday - an unexpected meeting.
Recommendation: Before starting to worry because of gossip or other reasons that herald burning ears and cheeks, it is better to try to analyze your condition and find the real reasons. This reaction can be triggered by alcohol or too spicy food, as well as a long stay in the open sun or in the wind.

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