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Why burn the ears and cheeks burn what

Why burn the ears and cheeks burn what

When start to burn the ears or cheeks, people immediately think of the folk superstitions.

Even if a person does not believe in them, in principle, almost all recognize that the signs do not arise out of nowhere, and some logical explanation for this is available.

If the ears or cheeks start to burn without any apparent reason, the explanation can be sought among beliefs, accept.
It is assumed that some particularlySensitive people can grasp at a subconscious level, weak vibrations from other people's conversations, especially in those moments when discussing their person. But the subconscious is already forwards pulses to the cheeks, ears and other body parts. This question has never been studied especially seriously, so reasons are called different, including physiological.
It often happens that the ears or cheeks burn withoutapparent reason. If the cardiovascular and respiratory system work well, are not felt remorse, the man is not in a state of stress, the skin is not affected by frost or intense heat, to determine the causes can only refer to national signs.

Why cheeks burn

According to the signs, burning cheeks suggest thatabout a man who remembers something. You can even try to find out, this is what mood. To find out, we must take the gold ring, and hold them in the face - so that left a trace on the skin. If the band has turned bright, thoughts of man kind and good. Red color - a definite opinion at no reminiscing. If the remaining band of dark color, think of you with evil, and even hostile intent.
If lit one cheek, one can assume that about you remember a loved one or a new fan will be very soon.
When it considered as a bad omen that the coming of trouble can be avoided if the holy water to wash or spray to her face.

Why burn the ears

If you burn the ears, it is a sure sign of gossip. You can even figure out what the nature of gossip: in the left ear when the heat is supposed to sense that one speaks of a man is not the best way. Right ear - someone praised. It is believed that the scandal in his address a person is able to feel at a great distance, and this is reflected in the tide of large amounts of blood to the ears.
And here is the kind of schedule for days of the week: those who rely on signs and trying to find hidden meaning in any event, what is happening to them can rely on him. Last minute cheeks and ears on Monday herald a new acquaintance. Tuesday - expect trouble or quarrel with somebody, Wednesday - ahead of a romantic date, Thursday, Sunday - a pastime, Friday - news Saturday - an unexpected meeting.
Recommendation: before starting to worry about gossip, or other reasons that portend burning ears and cheeks, it is better to try to analyze their condition and look for the real causes. This reaction can trigger alcohol or too spicy foods, as well as long stay in the open sun or the wind.

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