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WHY the English Queen celebrates her birthday twice


Why the Queen of England celebrates her birthday twice</a>

Few people in the world celebrate their birthday twice a year. Usually the second such holiday is associated with any spiritual experience, important for the celebrant, or with the fact that someone managed to avoid death.

But no such explanations have anything to do with the birthday of the British Queen, which is also celebrated twice.

Who invented this?

Elizabeth II is not the first English monarch,Celebrating his birthday twice. This custom was introduced by Edward VII, her great-great-grandfather. The decision was dictated not by the vanity of the monarch, as it may seem at first glance, but concern for the subjects. The fact is that the birthday of the king (or queen, as in the case of Elizabeth II) in the UK, as well as some countries of the Commonwealth - an official national holiday, which is celebrated on a grand scale. For the first time the status of the state celebration was given to his birthday by Georg II in 1748 and since that day the British crowns are participating in various parades, festivities, observing the festive ceremonial processions.
Edward VII was born on November 9, the weather that day inEngland can not be called sunny or affectionate, it is often cold and rainy. Seven years of his coronation, Britain was wet and frozen on such a solemn day, mok and merz, and the monarch himself, taking part in all ceremonial events. In the eighth year, Edward issued a decree according to which the official birthday of the king will now be handled only in the summer, on the first, second or third Saturday of June. Born on June 3, George V did not change anything, Edward VIII reigned for less than a month and he clearly was not up to the birthdays, his successor, George VII, born in December, also arranged summer celebrations and, to the reign of Elizabeth II, the official birthday of the monarch became Fanned by years of tradition.
In London on this day a solemnParade - Trooping the Color, broadcast live on the territory of the kingdom. The monarch and his family ride in an open carriage from Buckingham Palace down the Mall to the Horse Guards Building, whose windows face the Horse-Garden Square. From the windows of the ground floor the queen takes the parade of the Guard, then again on the Mall she returns with her entourage to Buckingham Palace. About her arrival salute 41 salvo first guns in Green Park, and then 63 cannons in the Tower. The final chord of the holiday - the queen on the balcony of the palace receives the air parade of the British Air Force.
Personal birthday, which falls on 21April, the Queen meets modestly, among the family and associates, within the walls of Windsor Castle. The only exceptions were ceremonies timed to the 80's and then 85's. Fans of the Queen hope that the Queen will celebrate and 90 birthday, in 2016.

And not at all twice

In fact, the Queen's birthday is celebratedNot twice. Since in many countries that were British colonies, and then Commonwealth countries, the English monarch feels very warm feelings, some states have left the tradition of celebrating the Queen's Birthday, but at convenient times for them. Most of Australia "celebrates" it on the first Monday of June, with the exception of some western states that decided to do it on the last Monday of September or the first of October. On the first Monday of June, the holiday is held in New Zealand. Canada celebrates Queen's Birthday on Monday, the closest to May 24, combining with a feast in honor of the same English Queen Victoria. On the third Monday of April, this holiday is celebrated on the islands of St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. In general, the birthday of a British monarch can be celebrated thrice, or even four times a year. It's no wonder that once even the US State Department officials got confused and congratulated the queen a week earlier (12, not June 19, 2010).
It is noteworthy that the inhabitants of those countries whoseThe government decided to abandon this holiday, are not at all happy about this turn of events. So in Bermuda, they still write petitions to the government, demanding the return of the canceled in 2009 holiday. The New Zealand government plans to avoid discontent by introducing another national holiday, Hillary Day, on the same day, in honor of the first man to conquer Everest.

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