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WHY bolting radish

Why bolting radish

Radishes spring beds develops one of the first vegetables.

Juicy, tasty, useful root crops can be grown for 3-4 weeks. Grow it everywhere.

But it happens sometimes that the radish leaves in flowering, not tying good roots.

The reasons could be the seeds, agricultural machinery, pests.



Common causes bolting - a violation of farming cultivation of radish.
Not enough light to plants. Radishes loves well-lit, sun beds. In the shade it will not grow.


Infertile soil is not for him. Radish will give a good crop on soils rich in organic matter. Fresh manure is impossible to make.


Heavy soil is not suitable for radish. He prefers loose soil treated to a depth of at least 20cm.


Dry soil gives excessive bitterness Roots. Watering should be done regularly, especially in dry weather. Radishes - vodohlёb, but do not fill the planting, otherwise it will show your character - will be a lot of cracked roots.


Do not be thickened crops. On 1kv.m 4-5 g of seeds is enough. Keep planting schemes 40h10h5 see. PLANTING large seeds. Just because they are large roots.


Sowing seeds of radish is better at a depth of 1-2 cm, followed by rolling the soil.


Substandard seeds from producer. If growing conditions have been violated seed, was not observed spatial isolation, allowed cross-pollination with wild species (radish, for example). Or the parent seed was selected not typical for precocity, the color, the shape of the class roots.

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