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Why Radish Shoots


Why Radish Shoots</a>

Radish is mastering spring beds one of the first among vegetable crops.

Juicy, tasty, useful roots can be grown in 3-4 weeks. They grow it everywhere.

But sometimes, the radish goes to bloom, does not tie good roots.

The reasons may be seeds, agricultural machinery, pests.



The frequent reasons for arming are the violation of agrotechnics of cultivating the radish.
There is not enough light for plants. Radis loves well-lit, sunny beds. In the shade, it will not grow.


Low-fertility soil is not for him. Radish will give a good harvest on soils rich in organic. Fresh manure can not be brought.


Dense soil is not suitable for radish. He prefers soils friable, treated to a depth of at least 20 cm.


Dry soil gives excessive bitterness to root crops. Watering should be carried out regularly, especially in dry weather. Radish is a water jug, but do not fill the planting, otherwise it will show its character - there will be a lot of cracked root crops.


Do not thicken the crops. At 1kv.m 4-5 g of seeds are enough. Adhere to the planting pattern 40x10x5 cm. Sow large seeds. Only from them there will be large root crops.


To sow radish seeds is better to a depth of 1-2cm followed by soil compacting.


Inferior seeds from the manufacturer. If the growing conditions of the seed material were violated, spatial isolation was not observed, and there was allowed a cross-pollination with wild species (radish, for example). Or the maternal seed material was selected not from the typical for precocity, color, form for a given variety of root crops.

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