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Why does the thrombus come off the heart?


Why does the thrombus come off the heart?</a>

Almost every person has heard of blood clots.

But most can not imagine how dangerous they are. The formation of a thrombus is a natural protective mechanism of the body, preventing the loss of blood when the vessels are damaged.

His education may be associated with certain pathologies, and not violations of the integrity of blood vessels.

What is a thrombus?

A thrombus is a blood clot that forms in theCavity of the heart or blood vessels. There are 2 types of thrombi: clogging (formed in small vessels) and parietal (can be formed in the cavities of the heart and in larger vessels). A thrombus does not form immediately, the process of its appearance is rather long. Initially, in the heart or on the walls of the vessels are formed plaques, which eventually grow and increase. Then a thrombus is formed from the plaques, which can come off and cause irreversible negative consequences to the health.
As a rule, thrombi are formed due to increased blood viscosity, changes in the walls of blood vessels and impaired blood circulation.

Why a thrombus can come off

With various pathologies of the circulatory system andHeart on the inner walls of the vessels accumulates more and more deposits. They narrow the lumen of the vessel, as a result of which a person's blood pressure rises. Under the influence of strong pressure, the blood passes through the vessels at a higher rate than under normal conditions. This accelerated flow of blood can touch or tear off a piece of cholesterol plaque or a formed thrombus from the vessel wall or heart cavity and carry it on until it reaches a vessel smaller in diameter than itself. Then a very dangerous and sudden syndrome may develop - thromboembolism, from which over 100,000 people die each year in Russia.
Also, the thrombus can come off the artery wallOr a vein when a person receives bruised or blunt injuries. For example, if a thrombus is located in the artery of the leg, and a person has strongly struck at the site of its dislocation, it can easily tear itself away from the vessel wall.

How to recognize thrombus

When a thrombus hits the artery of the brain,A stroke occurs. The main symptoms are a violation of the sensitivity and activity of the limbs, the person is paralyzed. The face can warp, speech and sight are disturbed.
When the lesions of the coronary arteries occurMyocardial infarction. A characteristic sign is the pain behind the sternum. It can have a pressing, baking or compressive character. Also, pain can be given in both hands, neck, abdomen or interscapular area.
If the intestinal vessels are clogged, mesenteric thrombosis develops, followed by peritonitis and necrosis.
If the vessels of the extremities are thrombosed, gangrene is most likely to develop. First the limbs become cold and pale, and then necrosis sets in.
Thrombosis of the pulmonary artery leads to suffocation and blue skin.

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