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WHY birds do not fall from the branches when they sleep

Why do not birds fall from the branches when they sleep

You often see a picture of a bird, without any confusion slept on a branch or wire and did not fall.

Surely, you do not have time to wonder or even infancy amazement as she is coming out.

In nature, almost every animal receives beforesleep a posture in which to relax the maximum amount of muscle. After all, the dream in the first place is considered to rest the body and they also. However, most of the birds, this situation does not suit. They can sleep only when the muscles are stretched paws.

The fact that avian tendon associated legmuscle and fingers. So, when the bird lands, shrinking muscles, tendons are stretched, and the fingers are bent. During sleep, the bird does not move, so he could not straighten his legs. As a result, it does not release its paw from the support. When a bird comes into the waking state, it is raised, and the fingers let go place Recent hibernation.

Birds that sleep in the water, there are often onlyone leg. It is easy to explain, and this. Thus they lose less heat and keep the required body temperature. For example, such a technique sleep recourse long-legged herons and flamingos.

However, there are birds that have goodIt turns napping and on the fly. For example, storks turn without trouble sleeping during their long flights. Sooty tern is able to fly over the sea more than a year, and not stopping for breaks.

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