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WHY berry watermelon and melon no

Why berry watermelon and melon no

It is widely believed that the botanists call watermelon berries. In fact, from a scientific point of view, this melon that actually have a lot in common with berries.

Melon Fruits belong to the same class, as well as all other members of the Cucurbitaceae family.

What is a berry?

In everyday life called any berries with small fruitsjuicy flesh: these include cherries, strawberries, raspberries, rose hips, although botanical point of view they are not. So, rose and strawberry - a false berry, raspberry - it is a drupe. A larger fruits are rarely associated with berries, although they may be considered in botany: it is a tomato, eggplant, kiwi.
Berry - a fruit with a thin skin, a variety ofseeds with a hard seed coat, succulent mezhplodnikom. Berries develop from the upper and lower ovary: in some cases, on top of which is a dried perianth (currant).

False berries are called fruits, which have the same structure, but are formed not only from the ovaries, but also from other parts, such as the receptacle.


It is widely believed that watermelon, despiteits size, is a berry. According to the structure of watermelon fruit really meets all the criteria: a juicy pulp, lots of seeds with a hard shell, hard and relatively thin skin. Yet some differences he has, which is why botanists do not classify it to the berries. Watermelon - a melon, with similar morphological features, but some significant differences.
Melon are formed from the bottom of the ovary and consist ofthree carpels. They mnogosemyanny as berries, but the seeds are still more. They also have different structure of the hull they are too hard compared to the outer layer of berries, fleshy middle layer and soft inner. Melon can grow to a large size, the berries are always less.


Due to the fact that melon is denser pulpit is not called berries, although these fruits are almost identical in structure to the watermelon. This is also a melon: they have a huge amount of seeds, quite dense, hard shell and meaty middle layer. Melon are also many other fruits that are in the home may be called differently: for example, cucumber is also a melon.

There is a simple way to determine whether or not the fruit of melon: it is necessary to know to which family of related plants. All members of the family pumpkin not give berries and melon.

Melon called yagodovidnymi fruits duesimilarity with berries, also on berries should distinguish apples. From the botanical point of view, so called yagodovidnye polyspermous fruit apple family plants: quince, pear, cotoneaster, mountain ash. Unlike melon or berries have leathery vnutriplodnik, which contains the seeds, and the skin is very thin.

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