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WHY bears lie dormant

Why bears lie dormant

In fact, zoologists say that bears do not fall into this hibernation, but only partially immersed in a prolonged sleep.

Is it so?

Why do bears hibernate

Bears, like many mammals do notreserves for the winter. It is known that clumsy fall into a long sleep, during which actively consume fat reserves made during the summer and autumn seasons. In fact, the dream can not be called a bear hibernation. Just winter it just longer than the summer.
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Speaking of hibernation, during this process,All vital signs are reduced to virtually zero. The body temperature of the animal falls and becomes only slightly higher than the surrounding air. It allows to reduce the power consumption. If the external environmental factors are changing, for example, if the temperature drops in the den, the animal wakes up, insulated (burrowing into the snow or litter) and then falls asleep. This manages to retain more heat, thus there will be less power consumption, and the bear safely transports the winter to the summer to get back into the forest.
Why bear sleeps

Features hibernation

It is known that not all the bears dive into hibernation. Polar different from their European counterparts. At a time when the rest of snuffle quietly in their dens, they are actively searching for food. The exception to the rule are pregnant females that hibernate for a few months until they will be kids. After the birth of cubs bear coming out of the den, and continues active life in search of food.
Sleeping den bear never betterwake as toed wakes up at one point, while he becomes more dangerous than 100 times. Such cases are extremely rare, that people ran into the den in the winter. Bears choose a very secluded place in a forest, where, perhaps, the human foot is not even set foot.
Scientists have several years trying to solve the mysteryforest giant. It is still not exactly identified, allowing them to be in full hibernation up to 7 months. When answering this question, the scientists hope to produce substances used to animals and to humans. This, in turn, will help a person to safely sink into a long sleep without any harm to the body. Anyway, these are just the development, but in the meantime people remains envy BOGATYRSKY bear sleep.

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