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Why does my back hurt after sleeping?


After a hard day's work, people are in a hurryTo meet his beloved bed, to immerse himself in the kingdom of Morpheus. At night, the human body receives the necessary physical and psychological recovery, charging for a new day.

However, sometimes after a dream, there may be pain in the back area, which brings noticeable discomfort.

Back Pain after Sleep: Causes

The causes of such pain can be the mostVarious, the first of them is an incorrect and uncomfortable posture during sleep. But the fact is that the lying on the stomach does not allow the muscles of the person to relax well and relax.
Pain is possible and with a favorite sleep positionAt night - on the back. To the nervous and muscular system fully rested, you need to raise your legs slightly and bend them in your lap, after which you need to put cushions under them. This position will allow your waist not to strain. The result - cheerful in the morning and no pain in the back.
If the posture of sleep is correct, it is worth paying attention toOn your couch. Perhaps the mattress and pillow should be replaced. To eliminate back pain in the morning will help orthopedic mattress and cushion in the form of a cushion / stone.

In order to get rid of the pain in the back for the first time, take an anesthetic and let the muscles rest, for example, lie in a hot bath with healing essential oils.

Both causes are eliminated, but the loin after sleepContinues to experience pain? Perhaps it's time to turn to specialists: a neurologist or traumatologist. Such feelings can be a sign of osteochondrosis, which will require to reduce the burden on the back, and also undergo treatment.
In addition, the problem with back pain may beIs associated with diseases of internal organs. Problems in the genito-urinary, nervous, circulatory systems can provoke the occurrence of discomfort of this kind. In order not to launch a possible ailment, in the near future, take tests in the clinic to find out the cause of the pain.

Prevention of back pain after sleeping

To back pain after sleep, you do not care, you should follow some rules:
- do the morning warm-up gymnastics, as it helps to bring the muscles into a tonus-
- Move more in the afternoon, especially if you are an office worker who spends the whole day in a computer chair-
- Visit the pool-
- sleep on an orthopedic mattress that will allow your body to restore its strength-
- Avoid drafts. Cooling nerves can lead to muscle spasms.

Swimming stimulates the muscles and prevents lumbar pain.

Adhering to several simple rules of prevention, you can forget about back pain after sleep for a long time, begin to wake up with a good mood and a vigorous charge for the whole day.

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