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Why back pain after sleeping

Why back pain after sleeping

After a hard day's people are in a hurrymeet their favorite bed to dive into the realm of Morpheus. At night, the human body gets the necessary physical and psychological recovery, being charged for a new day.

Sometimes, however, after a dream may feel pain in the back, which brings a noticeable discomfort.

Back pain after sleep: Causes

The reasons for these pains can be veryvariety, the first of them - is wrong and uncomfortable posture during sleep. But the fact that the position of lying on his stomach does not allow human muscles well relax.
Pain may also occur on a favorite position for sleepingnight - on the back. To the nervous and muscular system to fully relax, it takes a bit to lift the legs and bend them to their knees, and then to put them under the pillow. This position will allow your lower back is not strained. The result - a vivacity in the morning and no pain in the back.
If sleep posture is correct, you should pay attentionon your bed. Perhaps the mattress and pillow should be replaced. Eliminate back pain in the morning to help with memory foam mattresses and pillow as a cushion / bone.

In order for the first time to get rid of back pain, take pain medication and allow the muscles to relax, for example, lie in a hot bath with healing essential oils.

Both causes are eliminated, but the lower back after sleepHe continues to experience pain? Maybe it's time to contact the experts: neurologist or traumatologist. Such feelings can be a symptom of osteoarthritis, which would require to reduce the load on your back and go through treatment.
Furthermore, the problem of back pain can beconnected with diseases of internal organs. Problems in the urogenital, nervous and circulatory systems are able to provoke the emergence of this kind of discomfort. In order not to run the possible illness, soon hand over analyzes in the clinic to determine the cause of pain.

Prevention of back pain after sleeping

To back pain after sleeping longer have to worry, you should follow some rules:
- Do the morning warm-up exercises, as it helps to bring the muscles in tonus-
- Move more during the day, especially if you are an office worker who spends all day in the computer kresle-
- Visit the pool-
- Sleep on foam mattresses, which enables your body to restore its power-off
- Avoid drafts because nerves cooling can lead to muscle spasms.

Swimming stimulates the muscles and prevents back pain.

Adhering to a few simple rules of prevention, you can forget about back pain after waking up, start to wake up in a good mood and cheerful charge for the whole day.

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