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Why babies cry without tears

The baby is crying

Crying newborn babies has one distinguishing feature.

The child may scream very shrill, in every way expressing their dissatisfaction, but do it absolutely without tears.

During the first months of baby's life, this situation is normal.

Features newborn organism

The body of a newborn baby is completelyformed, however, some processes begin to take place only after the age of three. A striking example in this case are the lacrimal glands. In the first month of life in the lacrimal ducts formed the minimum amount of liquid, which is only enough to moisten the eyes. That's why breast-baby no tears running down the cheeks while crying. Sometimes the child may experience fluid accumulation, but to explain the cause of his discomfort, it is very difficult. Grudnichok starts ringing to notify parents about the problem, which is almost impossible to notice.
These tears appear in children between the ages ofone to three months. During this period, take specific action or to seek help from a doctor is not necessary. During crying, try to provide maximum support for your child and calm him down mentally.

If you notice that a child's tears appear without crying, then be sure to consult a specialist. This may indicate problems with the tear ducts.

In the fetus, being in the womb, the areanose and conjunctival cavity area segregated special mucous plug. By the time of birth, a thin protective film starts to dissolve, and during the first months of life disappear completely. Only then tear glands begin to function normally.
The mucous membrane is the so-calledbarrier to tears, it transmits only the minimum amount of liquid. Typically, the film dissolves in the first weeks of life, but there are cases when this occurs a little later.

Reasons for concern

If the child has turned three months, and tearswhile crying and did not appear, then leave this situation is not without attention. The reason for such a state can be a blockage of the lacrimal canals. To mucous membrane resorbed, it is necessary to take some measures.

If a child after weeping overredness persists long eye corners, it may be a sign of infection. Toddler in this case it is necessary to see a specialist.

Please note that the lack of tears intime crying should not be considered a disease. Only in rare cases, clogged tear ducts may be accompanied by the appearance of redness of the eyelids or pus in the corners of his eyes. Experts to get rid of this problem prescribed courses of treatment with special solutions for wiping the tear ducts.
If the lack of tears is not accompanied by visiblecomplications, then as preventive measures, you can use a regular baby washing chamomile extract and a light massage century. In the first months of life crying child should pay special attention. Sometimes the blockage of the tear ducts may appear much later.
There are cases where the mucous filmformed closer to six months. If camomile tea and a massage century did not bring the desired result, be sure to show the baby specialist. You may need special treatment. Do not forget that your lightheadedness may result in serious consequences for the health of the child.

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