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WHY do babies cry without tears?


The baby is crying</a>

Crying newborns has one distinctive feature.

A child can scream very shrilly, expressing his dissatisfaction in all ways, but doing it absolutely without tears.

During the first months of the baby's life, this situation is normal.

Features of the newborn

The organism of the newborn baby is completelyHowever, some processes begin to be carried out only after three months of age. A striking example in this case are the lacrimal glands. In the first month of life in the lacrimal canals, a minimum amount of fluid is formed, which is sufficient only for moistening the eye. That's why the baby has no tears running down his cheeks during crying. Sometimes a child may feel fluid accumulation, but it is very difficult for him to explain the cause of his discomfort. The baby begins to soundly inform parents about the problem, which is almost impossible to notice.
True tears appear in children aged fromOne to three months. During this period, there is no need to take special measures or seek medical help from a doctor. During crying, try to provide the maximum support to the child and calm him morally.

If you notice that the child's tears appear without crying, then be sure to consult a specialist. This may indicate the presence of problems with tear ducts.

The fetus, which is in the womb of the mother, the areaNose and the zone of the conjunctival cavity are separated by a special mucous stopper. By the time of birth, a thin protective film begins to dissolve, and during the first months of life disappears completely. Only after this, the lacrimal glands begin to function normally.
The mucous membrane is, so-calledAn obstacle to tears, it misses only the minimum amount of liquid. Usually the film dissolves in the first weeks of life, but cases when it happens a little later are not uncommon.

Reasons for concern

If the child has already turned three months old, and the tearsDuring crying and do not appear, then leave such a situation without attention is not worth it. The cause of this condition can be a blockage of lacrimal canals. In order for the mucous membrane to resolve, you need to take some measures.

If after crying at the child duringLong-term redness of the corners of the eyes, this may be a sign of infection. The kid in this case must necessarily show the specialist.

Please note that the absence of tears inThe time of crying should not be considered a disease. Only in rare cases, clogging of lacrimal canals can be accompanied by the appearance of redness of the eyelids or pus in the corners of the eyes. Specialists to get rid of this problem appoint treatment courses with special solutions for rubbing lacrimal canals.
If the absence of tears is not accompanied by visibleComplications, then as a preventive measure you can use regular washing of the baby with chamomile infusion and light eyelid massage. In the first months of life, paying the child should pay special attention. Sometimes a blockage of lacrimal canal can appear much later.
There are cases when mucous membranesAre formed closer to six months. If the infusion of chamomile and eyelid massage does not bring the desired result, be sure to show the baby to a specialist. Perhaps, a special course of treatment will be needed. Do not forget that your lightheadedness can lead to serious consequences for the child's health.

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