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James Cook

James Cook - outstanding traveler the XVIII century, a researcher at the Antarctic seas and oceans.

But in our country, his name has become known thanks to the comic song VS

Vysotsky "Why natives eat Cook?" Historians have expressed different versions of the death of a British sailor in Hawaii.

The first version of the death of James Cook

James Cook was born in 1728 in the NorthYorkshire in the small village of Marton. Thanks to their commitment, he made a brilliant career in the Navy. As the son of a farm laborer, Cook was promoted from cabin boy to captain 1st rank.

In honor of James Cook named coves, bays, the strait between the islands of New Zealand, as well as archipelago-state - the Cook Islands.

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Three times round the Earth the Navigator, led 3expeditions. Thanks to James Cook was open 11 archipelagos and 27 islands in the Pacific, including New Caledonia. Brave sailor three times crossed the Antarctic Circle, and first sailed in the Amundsen Sea. Cook was an excellent cartographer, which allowed him to put on the card, all made geographical discoveries.

In 1776, for outstanding achievements Cook joinedThe Royal Society and was appointed to the Greenwich Observatory, but prefer a quiet life, new achievements and decided to participate in the third expedition. During this voyage James Cook made his most important discovery - the Hawaiian Islands, where in 1779 and found his death.

In the first version, the reconstruction of ancient eventscaused the death of a British sailor became common mites that have been stolen from a ship carpenter islanders. It is in pursuit of the thief opened fire, ticks have been returned, but the boatswain demanded the issuance of a thief, in response to the British islanders threw stones. To smooth-standing conflict, James Cook went to the king of the island, in order to invite the ship.

Everything went smoothly until the natives is not a rumor that at the other end of the island by the British two Hawaiian killed. The rumor was false, but the islanders have begun to arm themselves with javelins, spears and stones.

On the way back there was a fight. On shooting the British islanders answered a hail of stones. Panic, which resulted in the saving sailors rushed to the boats. As befits a captain Cook was the last. Seeing the panic among the English, the natives rushed in pursuit. During combat skirmishes James Cook was killed, pierced by an arrow Haitian.

Version two captain's death

The natives allegedly kidnapped the British boat inI am trying to get it back Cook decided to take hostage the king of the island. After the talks, the British gave up this idea and, having secured the promise of the King find the thief and return the British boat, the team went back to the ship.

When the sailors got into the boat, someone from the teamCook decided to scare the natives and fired. The bullet hit the leader of the islanders, and in response to the Haitians began to throw stones English. One of them was in Cook, the furious opened fire. But the furious natives said a new attack. Another stone hit the captain's head. He lost his balance and fell, long knives immediately Haitians battled Cook.

Some historians believe that the natives did notCook going there. They dismembered his body and gave the shamans, showing particular respect for the captain. According to local customs so did the bodies of only the worthiest adversaries.

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Guide expedition took over the captainClarke and demanded that the natives give the body of James Cook. Under the cannon shots landed on the beach Marines, which drove the islanders into the mountains and completely burned their village. After that, the British demand to be heard and taken on board the remains of Captain Cook - about ten pounds of human flesh and the head without lower jaw. This has allowed historians to assume that the body was eaten by the brave Captain natives.

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