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WHY Cook ate Cook


James Cook</a>

James Cook - an outstanding traveler of the XVIII century, a researcher of the Antarctic seas and Oceania.

But in our country his name became famous due to the comic song of VS.

Vysotsky "Why did the Aborigines eat Cook?" Historians also express different versions of the death of this British navigator in the Hawaiian Islands.

The first version of the death of James Cook

James Cook was born in 1728 in the NorthYorkshire in the small village of Marton. Due to his dedication, he made a dizzying career in the Navy. As the son of a farm laborer, Cook went from youngster to captain 1st rank.

In honor of James Cook named bays, bays, the strait between the islands of New Zealand, as well as the archipelago-state - Cook Islands.

The navigator tripled the Earth three times, supervised 3Expeditions. Thanks to James Cook, 11 archipelagoes and 27 islands in the Pacific Ocean were discovered, including New Caledonia. The brave seafarer crossed the Southern Arctic Circle three times and first sailed to the Amundsen Sea. Cook was an excellent cartographer, which allowed him to map all the geographical discoveries made.

In 1776, for outstanding services, Cook became a memberRoyal Society and was appointed to the Greenwich Observatory, but preferred a quiet life of new achievements and decided to participate in the third expedition. During this voyage, James Cook made his main discovery - the Hawaiian Islands, where in 1779 he found his death.

According to the first version, the reconstruction of old events,The reason for the death of a British navigator was ordinary mites, which were abducted from the ship's carpenter by the islanders. He in pursuit of the thief opened fire, the mites were returned, but the boatswain demanded the extortion of a thief, in response, the islanders threw the English stones. To iron out the ripening conflict, James Cook went to the king of the island to invite him to the ship.

Everything went smoothly, until a rumor spread among the natives that two Hawaiians were killed on the other side of the island by the British. The rumor was false, but the islanders began to arm themselves with darts, spears and stones.

On the way back there was a fight. On the shooting of the English, the islanders answered with a hail of stones. The panic began, as a result of which the sailors rushed to the lifeboats. As befits a captain, Cook was the last. Seeing panic among the English, the natives rushed after them. During the battle, James Cook died, pierced by an arrow of a Haitian.

Version of the second death of the captain

The natives allegedly stole from the British a longboat, inAttempt to return him Cook decided to take the hostage king of the island. After the talks, the British abandoned the idea and, having secured the king's promise to find a thief and return the English to the boat, the team went back to the ship.

When the sailors got into the boat, one of the crewCook decided to scare the natives and fired. The bullet fell into the leader of the islanders, and in response the Haitians began to throw the English stones. One of them got into Cook, he opened fire in rage. But the furious natives responded with a new attack. The next stone hit the captain in the head. He lost his balance and fell, and then the long knives of the Haitians slaughtered Cook.

Some historians believe that the natives do notGoing to eat Cook. They dismembered his body and gave it to the shamans, showing special respect to the captain. According to local customs, only worthy opponents did this with bodies.

The leadership of the expedition was assumed by the captainClarke and demanded from the natives to give out the body of James Cook. Under cannon shots on the shore landed the Marine Corps, which pushed the islanders into the mountains and completely burned their village. After this, the British demand was heard, and the remains of Captain Cook were brought to the ship - about ten pounds of human meat and a head without a mandible. This allowed historians to assume that the body of the brave captain was eaten by the aborigines.

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