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Why are you still not rich

Why are you still not rich

Who among us does not dream to become rich?

Often an obstacle to his wealth is you, your behavior, your attitude to life.

If you do not affect the psychological factors, such as lack of purpose to become rich, or the fear of being rich, the reasons may be the most simple things, which is not too difficult to handle.

Consider the major ones.



You spend too much
Many people today have a credit card anduse them periodically. Well, if you immediately close the resulting debt on the map. But it so happens that you do not control your costs every month the debt is growing, and close it, you can not. Even if you regularly pay the minimum payments, you will spend a lot of time and money, yet will pay the entire debt.
To curb their spending, start track,what you spend your money each month. Try to focus on the insignificant areas where you can cut costs. Then create a realistic budget, which would be only the most necessary.


You are saving too little
And you can not save money. Save money - it's a good habit. After all, everyone in the reserve should be some amount of money for emergency needs or to purchase something. Sign a piggy bank.


You pay a lot of fees
Late fees, bank charges,fees from credit cards - individually these amounts may seem small. In the end, even overdue library book or a DVD-drive, too, will make you spend a couple of dozens of rubles. Try not to bring the case to pay fines and all payments on time.


You pass by money
You have passed the hundred-ruble bills on the sidewalk? Of course not. You would bend over and pick it up. So why do you pass other options to get the money? If you are running a shop of home appliances, and you have been asked to convey to the purchase of the machine for a small fee, do not give up. Of course, this does not improve your financial situation, but the money can replenish your piggy bank.


You buy all new
New - is nice, but often it is not thethe best investment. Take for example cars. According to various estimates, some experts say, a new car loses about 20% of its value immediately after purchase and more than 30% - in the first two years. Bargain purchase can be done by examining local sites with ads for sale. This applies not only to cars but also to furniture and clothes, especially children's, which has the ability to rapidly become little.


You do not invest in yourself
This is perhaps the greatest obstacle to yourthe road to riches. If you do not invest in their education, training and personal development, you limit your ability to earn more money in the future.
Consider the passage of online courses to enhance your knowledge in your profession. If you do not have higher education, think it might be worth it to get.

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