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WHY aquarium fish blacken

Why aquarium fish blacken

Diseases of aquarium fish - a very common phenomenon. Water dwellers often die due to improper care.

Less commonly, there may be genetic disease, which in most cases are incurable.

Blacken aquarium fish is not only due to infections, but also because of poor water quality.

Colds in fish

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Sounding it may strange, but aquarium fishtoo prone to colds. This happens usually due to too low water temperature. The first signs of a cold are considered folded fins and black spots on the gills.
The only treatment in this caseto provide the desired temperature, which should not be less than 23C. Please note that the water is not recommended to change dramatically. The temperature should be increased only gradually.

In some cases, the fish blackened due to a genetic predisposition. If the behavior does not change, the appetite is not lost, and the fish active and mobile, it is no cause for concern.

Branhiomikoz in fish

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Branhiomikoz - a very dangerous disease foraquarium fish. Aquatic life can be lost in just a few days. The main symptoms of this infection are the black stripes on the body and in the head. Fish then becomes very slow, and floats up the tail. Outwardly, it seems that her body to alter the head.
Diseased fish must necessarily be transplanted fromtheir neighbors. Branhiomikoz - is a contagious disease that can in a short time to destroy all the inhabitants of the aquarium. The optimum method of treatment considered copper sulphate solution which is added to water minimum dosages.

If the fish are regularly overeat, the consequence of this may be their blackening. The main sign of overfeeding considered sluggish behavior of aquatic life and bloating.

fin rot

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The most common cause of ironspots on aquarium fish is a disease called fin rot. It starts darkening body fish it with the tips of the fins and tail.
Reasons fin rot very much. The most common ones are improper conditions of detention, too many fish in the aquarium, aquarium cleaning a rare, severe water pollution.
To prevent fin rot should be regularlymonitor the state of the aquarium. Remains of food in any case should not accumulate on the bottom. Otherwise, the water will become uninhabitable, and will have a devastating effect on fish.

Other causes blackening fish

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In rare cases, cause blackening fish larvae can be kutikaly. Infection is only possible if you, for example, hoisted to the aquarium fish representative of river habitat.
Please note that some fishBlack spots appear gradually, but it is not a disease. A striking example can be called a platypus. Young fish are more light coloring. Gradually, the body is black and colored dots appear.

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