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WHY antibiotics should drink course

List of ineffective antibiotics, unfortunately, is replenished every year ...

The vast majority of antibiotics should be a required course. Due to the interruption of treatment, the disease can become chronic, then give serious relapses.

A bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and medications lose their effectiveness.

The defeat instead of victory

When pathogenic bacteria enter the body, they rapidly multiply their number reaches astronomical figures. Destroy this armada can instantly no one drug.
Doctors prescribe antibiotics only rates. I note that they must be taken at exactly the specified dosage precisely through so many hours, and the exact number of days. Usually at least five to seven. Why such severity?
Do not expect from antibiotic explicittherapeutic effect in a couple of days. It's a delusion! He's just starting to destroy bacteria. They remain in the body even big set, and they continue to attack the cells.
Only with time the concentration of the activeantibiotic substances becomes higher in the blood, infection control is gaining strength, and the patient begins to feel better. And then it often and committed a gross error: the people relieved, stop taking prescribed medications!
But to cure but in reality is still far. It only occurs when the antibiotic is reaching maximum concentration in the blood, destroy the infection completely. For this purpose it is necessary to take it more than one day.
What actually happens when a patientTaking improvement of health for the recovery, the drug stops drinking? The concentration of drug in the blood drops sharply, and not killed bacteria easily adapt to residual traces of the antibiotic. They are modified, transformed into a strain that this antibiotic has not scary. The mutation allowing them to survive and gradually continue its aggression.
As a result, the disease being pushed inside of her acuteIt becomes chronic. A long, low current, chronic disease is much more difficult to cure. Additionally, after some time, it may break out with renewed vigor. Since the antibiotic fight the infection is completed the defeat, not a victory ...

whether antibiotics are effective

Frivolous interrupt a course of antibiotics today - not just a serious problem, but a disaster for medicine. Doctors all over the world complain about the drop in the effectiveness of these drugs.
Those antibiotics which recently coped effectively and tuberculosis, and bronchitis, and pneumonia, arthritis, osteomyelitis, today, alas, have lost their power. And there are no new ...
And one of the reasons for such a critical situation - the degeneration of pathogens in strains resistant to antibiotics - as a consequence of the mass of illiterate treatment.
Because of the resistance of bacteria to antibioticsactually it lost its purpose once great penicillin. By the way, in the twilight era as sulfa antimicrobials. There is little sense today and receive Biseptol, berlotsid, Bactrim ...
The World Health Organization urged countries to even consider the fight against antibiotic-resistant microorganisms to a national priority.

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