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WHY alcohol drunk man becomes bolder


Alcohol, even at the minimum level has a certain influence on human behavior.

There is a stereotype that must necessarily appear courage, emancipation or aggression. However, this is not quite true.

In fact, the substances contained in alcohol, can cause not only fun or arrogance, but also melancholy, depression.

Causes of courage

Most of the people consumes alcohol,fundamentally change their behavior. It seems that they have absolutely no sense of fear. That is why the fight drunk people is very common. Aggression can cause even a minor event.
Experts identify several categories of citizens,which are a special risk. Aggression occurs mainly in chronic alcoholics, in individuals suffering from some mental illness and those who for a long time remained depressed.

Familiar to many a situation where after drinking hard to remember the events - it is a serious disease, which in medicine is called Korsakoff's disease.

Alcohol, getting into the human body for aa short time from the stomach extends throughout the body, thus entering the brain and exerting adverse effects on the central nervous system. Specialists proved that with the use of 100 g of an alcoholic beverage dies several thousand neural cells. gradually the human brain With a strong toxicity is reduced in size, all the reflexes and intelligence at the same time largely violated. Courage, which appears under the influence of alcohol - a violation of thinking. The brain simply can not "think" about the actions, their consequences and evaluate the situation adequately.
Scientists have shown that excessive use ofAlcohol causes cerebral toxicity. As a result of such exposure there is a gradual degradation of man as a person. The consequence of such a process could be as uncontrolled aggression and a desire to end his life in suicide.

According to legend, God planted the first Deonisvine in the poultry bone, then the lion and donkey. Alcohol makes the first person in the "funny bird", then to "fearless lion," and then in "silly ass".

Stage effects of alcohol on the human

Human behavior under the influence of alcohol consumedAlcohol may change several times during a relatively short period of time. First, in the body there is courage and boldness. The reason is primarily the action of ethyl alcohol. The minimum quantities is a substance capable to deliver a person from fatigue, from pain and give the so-called ease.
In the second step the alcohol components penetrateblood vessels and begin motion to the brain. At this point in the human body produces a component similar to epinephrine. This factor causes not only courage, but also aggression. Man in every way trying to be the center of attention, it is more clearly hear the sound, and is in a very relaxed state.
The third stage - the protest. Any comments or criticism towards the intoxicated man causing his rage. The brain at this point is the so-called state of hypnosis. Nervous System operation is disrupted, causing the almost complete lack of sensitivity.
The final stage of alcohol exposureIt is the realization of their actions. It is worth noting that there is such a moment quite rare. It depends it is solely on individual factors of human life.

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