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WHY "adult themes" attract teens

Why "adult themes" attract teens

In adolescence, children are prone to various extremes: cynicism, denial of anything of value, passion for aggressive music, trying to stand out with the help of clothes and much more.

In particular, at this time of sharply increasing interest in sex and everything connected with it.

The problems of adolescence

For many parents, the achievement of their childrenadolescence, that is, the age between 12 and 17 years, it becomes sudden test. More recently, the child has been exemplary and obedient, and today wears a leather jacket with studs, makes strange hairstyle, begin constant mood swings, moods and temper tantrums.

During the transition period, the teenager suffers from two conflicting desires: to declare himself as an independent person, and at the same time as much as possible to merge with one or another group of peers.

The root cause of all these metamorphoses, in the firstall, it lies in the physiology, because in this age begins the so-called puberty. In adolescents manifest signs of sexual, hormonal changes, psychological state becomes unstable.
This age is not for nothing called a transition: teen no longer a child but not yet an adult. However, he is eager to emphasize their independence and commitment to adult life. In particular, this leads to an increased attention to sexual topics.

Why is sex so interesting?

Awareness of gender differences tend to occurbefore, but before the beginning of puberty, this fact does not cause much interest. But during the transition teenager became interested in gender relations, including because it is perceived as one of the attributes of "adult life".
An important role in the formation of interest in the forbiddenart also plays a socializing with peers and a desire to assert itself. Competitive spirit in teenagers is very strong, so for them it is so important to be at least no worse than others. Moreover, friends or classmates ratio is the most important and significant in this period. Therefore, teenagers, especially males, have to constantly demonstrate their courage, "adulthood", "coolness." This is evident not only in relation to sex - competitive spirit permeates virtually all aspects of life.

Despite the fact that it is in adolescencedesire for a romantic relationship is becoming clearer, teenagers are trying to hide it behind a mask of cynicism, not to become an object of ridicule on the part of the group.

Finally, a pronounced sexual interest -it is also a form of protest teenager. One of the main driving motive in adolescence is the need to establish themselves as an independent person. Typically, to achieve this goal teenagers trying to contradict an adult for any reason, violating all possible taboos. Not least, this applies to the theme of sexual relations.

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