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Why a child does not sleep at night

Why a child does not sleep at night

It is believed that babies sleep a lot and very hard.

However, often young mothers and fathers are surprised to find - the baby does not sleep well, especially at night, he falls asleep with difficulty and often wakes up.

The cause of restless sleep sometimes lying on the surface and is easily removed, but sometimes help a child sleep better, you can only by a specialist.

Mode setting and physiology

Often grudnichki (and older children) do not sleepat night only because the parents wrongly organized their way of life. If baby sleeps a lot during the day, by night, he probably will be full of energy, cheerful and ready to play. However, the lack of daytime sleep is also harmful: overwork, the kid just will not be able to fall asleep easily.
For a good night's rest the child's parentsWe should take care and have to sleep on the environment. The optimum temperature, dim lights, comfortable (not too hard or soft), little bed, the lack of background noise - for the smallest nuances of these very important, because they are not yet able to say that it is hot or uncomfortable. Interfere with sleep baby is hungry, wet diapers, diaper full or tight seams on clothing.
Children can not sleep at night because of theirage features. Thus, newborns often confuse day and night - it is quite normal, and older children may disturb the growth of the so-called horse racing - these days kids are developing particularly quickly, less sleep and are more capricious. Finally, a bad night's sleep or even up to a year to three years may be an individual feature (often hereditary), to overcome the only time that you need.

On the violation of children's sleep experienced at least half of the parents. Periodic bad dream at an early age is not the exception but rather the rule.

Bodily discomfort and health problems

Very often, children age 1-3 months interferesleep colic. Recognize they can for a strong cry, urging the legs. If grudnichok still asleep, but the pain did not subside, he may cry or moan in his sleep, turning his head on the pillow. Children a little older - about 4-5 months to two years - are particularly restless at night during periods of teething. Most mothers and fathers have had to endure sleepless nights no more consecutive weeks - until the next tooth, but sometimes the teeth can be cut slowly and children do not sleep for months.

To help with colic is capable of warmth and special preparations, in the case of teething - cooling or anesthetics ointment. Use should be only after consultation with your doctor.

Sometimes sleep is disturbed and due to otherdisease states. Most often, babies first year of life disturbed ears, stuffy nose, pain in the abdomen. Determine exactly what hurts the child, if he is not said to help my mother attentive observation or appeal to the pediatrician.
Finally, poor children often have a dreamneurological nature. If your doctor has diagnosed the child increased intracranial pressure or hydrocephalic syndrome, you should know that the baby may get a headache. These children are more likely to cry, react to weather conditions, do not sleep at night.

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