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WHY the child does not sleep at night


Why the child does not sleep at night</a>

It is believed that babies sleep a lot and very hard.

However, often young moms and dads are surprised to find that the baby does not sleep well, especially at night, he falls asleep with difficulty and often wakes up.

The cause of restless sleep sometimes rests on the surface and is eliminated easily, but at times it is possible to help a child sleep better only with the help of a specialist.

Mode, environment and physiology

Often babies (and older children) do not sleepAt night only because the parents wrongly organized their way of life. If a child sleeps a lot during the day, then by the night, probably, he will be full of energy, alert and ready to play. However, insufficient daytime sleep is also harmful: overtired, the baby simply can not fall asleep easily.
For a quality night rest, parentsShould take care of the sleeping environment. Optimum air temperature, muted light, comfortable (not too hard or soft) bed, absence of extraneous noise - for the youngest these nuances are important especially, because they do not know how to say that they are hot or uncomfortable. To prevent a baby from falling asleep, hunger, wet diapers, a full diaper or tight stitches on clothing can be prevented.
Children can not sleep at night and because of theirAge features. So, newborns often confuse day and night - this is quite normal, and older children may be disturbed by so-called growth spikes - these days babies develop especially fast, sleep worse and are more capricious. Finally, a bad night's sleep for up to a year or even up to three years can be an individual feature (and often hereditary), to overcome which only time is needed.

Notwithstanding the violation of children's sleep, not less than half of the parents faced. Periodic bad sleep at an early age is not an exception, but rather a rule.

Physical discomfort and health problems

Very often children aged 1-3 months interfereTo sleep colic. Recognize them can be a strong cry, podzhimaniyu legs. If the baby does fall asleep, but the pain does not subside, he can cry or moan in a dream, turn his head on the pillow. Children a little older - about 4-5 months to 2 years - are particularly restless at night during periods of teething. More often moms and dads have to experience sleepless nights for no more than a week in a row - until another tooth appears, but sometimes the teeth can be cut slowly and the children sleep badly for months.

Help with colic is capable of heat and special preparations, in the case of teething - cooling or painkillers ointments. They should be used only after consultation with a doctor.

Sometimes sleep is disturbed and because of otherPainful conditions. Most often, the first year of life is disturbed by ears, a stuffed nose, and abdominal pain. Determine exactly what it hurts the child, if he does not yet say, will help careful observation of the mother or appeal to the pediatrician.
Finally, bad children's sleep oftenNeurological nature. If the doctor diagnosed a child with increased intracranial pressure or hydrocephalic syndrome, you should know that a baby can have a headache. Such children more often cry, react to the weather, do not sleep at night.

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