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WHY I darkened the child's gums

Why does a child darkened gums

Mothers often worry about the health of her baby. The reasons for this can be many - this poor appetite and trouble sleeping, and moodiness, and more.

Sometimes parents do not know what to do if a child is too small and can not say that it hurts, but it is capricious, and external causes for concern are not visible.

The culprit may be the first teeth, which began to erupt.

The darkening of the gums in a young child

Children just as prone to inflammation of the gums,as adults. In the normal state of human gums should be a light pink color, moderately moist and have a flat surface. If a child in the mouth redness of the gums, they cyanosis, bleeding, festering sores and the baby get rid of odors due to the mouth, most likely, it indicates the presence of inflammation. An urgent need to go to the doctor.

If the light does not cause reddening of the gumsgreat anxiety in parents, as it is the first sign of a simple inflammation and treated fairly simple, strong darkening of gums often inspires fear and cause panic.

Why darken the gums of the child?

The most common question about why would darkenthe gums of the baby are given by parents who have children whose age is up to one and a half years. The fact is that the darkening of the gums can be connected with recessing the first milk teeth. The gums hood forms a small hematoma, which runs by itself after cuts in the tooth at this point. Treatment is not required, but for a visit to the dentist to go can not hurt.

In addition, you can alleviate the condition of the child, using special teethers or soothing ointment.

If a child has already erupted teeth, andthere is a bruise of dark color on the gums, perhaps this indicates the presence of oral diseases. Most likely, it's either gingivitis or stomatitis. These diseases are the result of poor oral hygiene.
Gingivitis is characterized by redness ordarkening of the gums, swollen and bleeding. Stomatitis has the same symptoms as gingivitis, but has some differences - purulent sores can develop in the mouth, there is a strong odor of mouth.
Both diseases require inspection dentist. Treatment takes place antiseptic agents, which caress the mouth several times a day. In addition, a doctor can prescribe a special anti-viral agents for oral administration. As a rule, the correct and timely treatment of symptoms disappear within 2-3 days. In severe cases, treatment may be delayed up to 10 days.
If your child has fever, there is a strong attack on the teeth and tongue, as well as the formation of pus, you should immediately consult your doctor.

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