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Whom to dress up for Halloween

What to dress up for Halloween

In the night from October 31 to November 1, according to a medieval legend, the land goes all evil forces.

Ghosts, vampires, devils - all that can only come up with a popular fantasy.

Since the characters are extremely diverse holiday, then come up with a costume in the cellar.

Vampire at the ball head

Perhaps the most popular Halloween character -a vampire. Find the perfect black suit - such as leggings and a black sweater. In the absence of any pants leggings will go. Consideration should be given and appropriate makeup. To do this, apply on your face white concealer and eye paint dark circles. You can use any shade, as well as akvagrim or even an ordinary theatrical makeup. Eyebrows make a corner, paint the mouth with bright scarlet. Very well, if there is a canine. It can be made, for example from false nails.

The bat of an umbrella

Suitable and costume bat. For it will need a broken big black umbrella. However, the cloak can be made of dark blue, dark brown or dark gray umbrella. Remove the umbrella with the handle, remove the needles. Cut it from the edge to the center. Make a cutout. The neck can be hemmed or process piping, especially if you are going to use the suit more than once, but several. To cloak slid, make a loop for the middle finger. Sew the zipper or kill the neck suitable for brooch style. Black pants, black sweater, half-mask and cape - your outfit ready.

Ghosts, knights, princesses

In the Halloween night on earth wandering ghosts. Dressed in their suit in the cellar. It is made of plain white sheets, or even better - from a blanket cover. In the first case in the middle of the sheet, cut a hole for the head. Bottom can be trimmed in a circle or arbitrary irregular tatters. Make two small slits for the arms. The world's best ghost, even without a motor, in front of you!
Generally Halloween Lighting wandering knights andenchanted princesses, troubadours and witches. So any of these characters will be welcome at a festive carnival. To witch costume suit any old clothes, even heavily worn. A characteristic feature of this suit - peaked hat. It can be made of cardboard, painted or covered with fabric. For fields cut ring for the crown - the cone, which is inserted into the ring. Sew or glue the crown, fold the bottom edge of the top and paste it into the ring. Before the carnival for a few days, obtyanite hat dark satin or velvet.
In the absence of a sufficient amount of time you can paint your creation with ink or gouache. In the latter case it is better to impose from the top layer of lacquer (suitable hairspray).
An interesting costume you can create from a minimumparts. For example, present yourselves at the carnival enchanted princess, dressed in the usual elegant long dress. Now such a large fashion. At the head can be hoisted tiara or crown and complement outfit plume of sheer fabric, adorned with stars, flowers, etc. Decorative elements can be done even foil.

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