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Who will hold the Olympic Games

Who will hold the Olympic Games 2020

Hosting the Olympic Games is responsible and costly exercise. At the same time, it raises the rating of both the country and the city selected for the sports.

The final decision on who will hold the Olympic Games 2020, is still pending.

2020 Summer Olympics will be the thirty-secondSummer Olympic Games. During the eight years prior to the event (15 February 2012) was stopped accepting formal applications from countries that want to hold sporting events of all time. The International Olympic Committee will announce who will hold the Olympic Games 2020, September 7, 2013 in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina.

Initially contenders to hostOlympic Games 2020 began a few cities in the world. First applied for the capital of Italy - Rome, already took Summer Games in 1960. For the Eternal City was followed by Tokyo, capital of Japan, Durban (South Africa), Istanbul, capital of Turkey, Doha (Qatar), Baku (Azerbaijan), the capital of Spain, Madrid and fashionable resort city of Dubai in the UAE.

They cancel their application until 15 February three citiesUnited States: Dallas, Minneapolis, Talsa- infamous Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Czech Prague. The city of Busan in South Korea hastened to abandon the Olympic Games in 2020 after having been named host the Winter Olympics in 2018. Among the canceled applications listed and Russian St. Petersburg. Rome is also out of the race as early as 15 February. According to an official statement of the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti, the economic crisis has forced the country to shrink costs, and they can not afford such an expensive event.

Three contenders left To date,hosting the Summer Olympic Games 2020. Madrid, capital of Spain, who was the mistress of sports data in 1992. The capital of Turkey, Istanbul, had never hosted the Olympic Games, as well as - the Japanese city of Tokyo, where the Summer Olympics took place in 1964. These cities have been put forward at a meeting of the International Olympic Committee, May 24, 2012. There were removed the application of Baku and Doha.

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