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What was the name of the son of Osiris and Isis?


What was the name of the son of Osiris and Isis?</a>

Myths of the peoples of the world help to understand the cosmogony of our ancestors, their ideas about the forces of nature and about human relationships.

The culture of Egypt is one of the oldest on earth.

Myths of the Egyptians in one form or another were reflected in the mythology of the Hellenes and Romans.

Osiris and Isis

Osiris was one of the most revered godsThe Egyptian pantheon, the eldest son of the goddess Heaven Nut and the god of Hebe Land. He taught people farming and winemaking, gave them fair laws. Osiris patronized not only Egypt, but also other countries. When he went in this or that guise to travel the world, his country and his wife Isis ruled the country instead.

This detail reflected the custom of Egyptian pharaohs to marry their brothers and sisters from the royal family, so as not to crash power.

Isis became the patroness of the seafarers,Family and children, sacred knowledge and spells. According to beliefs, this goddess was invisibly present at the birth of each child from the royal family, protecting the baby and mother. This is the strength of Isis received by recognizing with the help of blackmail the secret name of her great-grandfather Ra, the sun god. The young goddess blinded the snake from the saliva of her great-grandfather and the earth and set her against Ra. The bitten god of the Sun opened his secret name to Isis in exchange for healing.


Osiris had his younger brother Seth, the god of war,Destruction and death, lord of sand deserts, with a human body and a crocodile head or a hippopotamus with red eyes. Seth was married to the sister of Isis, Osiris and his own - Nephthys. Nephthys was in love with Osiris and once, taking the form of a sister, seduced her son-in-law. As a result of this connection, the baby Anubis was born, which Nephthys left behind in the thickets of reeds, in order to avoid the wrath of Seth. Anubis was found by Isis and raised as her own son.
Anubis became the god of embalming, medicine and poison, the judge and conductor of the dead in the underworld. He was portrayed in the form of a man with a jackal's head.


Seth envied his older brother and dreamed of taking hima place. Once Seth arranged a holiday about the next return of Osiris from the wanderings. At the height of the fun, the servants brought into the hall a luxurious chest of precious wood. Seth promised to give the chest to someone to whom it would fit. All the guests took turns in the box, but only Osiris, he fell on the growth, because it was made according to his standards. Servants of Seta nailed the box and threw it into the Nile.
Ishida after long searches found the coffin of her husbandAnd transferred him to a secret place. However, Seth also sought out the body of Osiris, cut it into 14 parts and scattered it all over the Earth (of course, within the limits known to the Egyptians). And again inconsolable Isis set out on her way, collecting her husband's body. In search of her, the faithful Anubis helped.
In the end, the goddess gathered all the parts of the body,Except the phallus, which was eaten by the Nile fish. She blinded the missing detail from the clay, stuck to the body of her husband and, using her secret knowledge, became pregnant.

The mystery devoted to the searches of Isis was described by the Russian writer Kuprin AI. In the story "Sulamith".

In Isis and the dead Osiris was born the son of Horus - godHeaven and the embodiment of royalty. He was portrayed as a man with a falcon's head. Growing up Gore came into the fight with Seth and defeated him. During the confrontation Seth stripped Horus left eye. It was the eye of Hor that gave Osiris a swallow and thereby enlivened him. Osiris transferred control over the earthly realms of the Mountain, and himself went to reign in the underworld, where the souls of the dead fell.

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