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WHO was the prototype of Robinson Crusoe


Who was the prototype of Robinson Crusoe</a>

The novel by Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe" was published for the first time in 1719.

This instructive and exciting work is actual to this day.

However, very few people know that the basis of the novel was the real story of the boatswain Alexander Selkirk.

Alexander Selkirk Distinguished by a bad character. Unlike Robinson Crusoe, he was not a victim of a shipwreck. After another scandal between Selkirk and the captain of the pirate ship "Sen Por," the rebel boatswain was left on the shore. And Alexander himself was not against it, because in the midst of a dispute he claimed that the ship needed urgent repairs, and he did not intend to expose his life to undue risk.

The captain of the ship William Dampier gave the order to leave the brawler on the island of Mas-a-Tierra, where the team replenished its drinking water supply.

Alexander Selkirk was even glad that he was free. He knew that the island was constantly moored by the ship for fresh water, so he did not doubt for a moment that he would be taken aboard in the very near future. If the wayward bo'sun knew at the time that he would have to spend 52 months alone here, he probably would have behaved more circumspectly.

The ships really moored a lotIsland, but it was the Spanish galley, from which Selkirk was forced to hide. In those years, England and Spain were at enmity, and the boatswain did not want to be on board the enemy vessel.

The English ship approached the island latermany years. After his release, Selkirk became in his homeland simply a legendary person. True, the character of the scandalous boatswain has changed a lot. During his stay on an uninhabited island, he read the Bible he took with him.

Soon Alexander Selkirk again turned himself into piratesAnd died in 1721. He was 45 years old. According to tradition, sailors were buried in the sea. The body of the legendary boatswain was buried near the coast of West Africa.

In 1966, Chile's authorities renamed Mas-a-Tierra to the island of Robinson Crusoe. In the name of Alexander Selkirka, a neighboring island was named, on which he hardly ever was.

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