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Who was Saint Mauritius

Detail of the painting "The Martyrdom of St. Maurice," the artist El Greco

The earliest mention of the holy Mauritius refers roughly to the VI century. The chroniclers refer to the stories of the Roman guards, and they, in turn, learned about Mauritius to Geneva's bishop.

Legend of the holy Mauritius for a long time was considered significant fact, though in recent times the information contained in the records, were the subject of dispute.

Legend of the holy Mauritius

The story goes that at the beginning of the IV century RomanEmperor Maximian Galerius was preoccupied with subduing Gaul, revolted against the rule of Rome. One of the cohorts of the Roman army was recruited in Upper Egypt, near the city of Thebes. By order of the emperor, this legion was sent to the rebellious Gaul.

All units of soldiers were Christians in their beliefs. He commanded a cohort of Mauritius, who was born in the Syrian city of Apamea called.

Before each battle the soldiers and their commandersWe had to bring a sacrifice to the gods, worshiped in Rome. However, Mauritius soldiers flatly refused to perform this ritual. Detractors captain immediately made a denunciation to the Roman emperor, which said that Mauritius and his entourage spread the Christian faith. In addition, the Christian legion refused to participate in the persecution of fellow believers.

The trial of the Christians and martyrdom

Mauritius brought to trial together with his son Fotiniand seventy soldiers of the cohort. But Christian warriors and their leader did not give up their beliefs and bowed their heads before the judgment seat even after severe threats and persuasion. Then to them using torture. Especially she endured physical torment Fotin. Failing renounce Christ, butchers Photina was executed in front of Mauritius.

Even the death of his son did not break the will of Mauritius, which is only glad that Fotin awarded share a martyr for the sake of Christ.

But the executioners did not stop there. They came for the Christians more sophisticated torture. Maurice and his men brought in a swampy lowland, blood-sucking insects abound. Martyrs tied to the trunks of the trees, and their bodies smeared with honey. Mosquitoes, gadflies and wasps in a few days stung accidents. Warriors patiently endure suffering, constantly making prayer and praising God. The sufferings of the martyrs stopped only death.
The cruel emperor ordered to cut off the dead soldiershead and leave their bodies unburied. However, under the cover of darkness, the local Christians gathered the remains of those killed and secretly buried them near the place of execution, which is located on the territory of modern Switzerland.
Mauritius soon to address the church was canonized. The day of his memory Christians celebrate on 22 September. Today St. Mauritius is revered as the patron saint of infantry and chivalry.

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